any tips with a bioactive bearded dragon enclosure with what plants to fill it with?

2022.01.20 10:13 TheHibbo any tips with a bioactive bearded dragon enclosure with what plants to fill it with?

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2022.01.20 10:13 sseffy Is it dumb to buy new m4 irons?

Pretty new golfer; got some pretty old ping clubs as a gift a couple months ago and I’m looking into getting newer irons. Not at all because I think it will make me better mostly because I’m a firm believer in look good feel good. It would be 600 for 5-aw new and about 100 bucks less used. Just curious if these clubs are even good for someone like me.
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2022.01.20 10:13 BitterRecover3379 The most disturbing interviews ever recorded with people that have done disturbing things and show no remorse. to an interview with famous serial killers

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Hello, I am coming through this site to ask for help. I will describe my actual situation. My name is Sandra, I am going to be a first time mother, I am 7 months pregnant and I am struggling financially because of the work difficulties this pandemic has caused. With a baby due in two months, I unfortunately have not been able to buy anything for the baby. My husband is in a difficult situation because of the virus, he is self-employed and the little he earns is only enough to pay the rent. I am worried and sad because I need to buy the baby clothes and I don't have anything yet, I need a stroller, clothes, crib, medicine and diapers. Whoever can help me will be very grateful, because I am really in need. I thank everyone who helps me. All help is welcome, and I thank you for your help.
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2022.01.20 10:13 sanitycall A RESEARCH PROJECT

I had hoped originally that this might have been a gentle stroll through the foothills of quite an entertaining thought experiment. Now I feel I must warn you, ‘there will be blood’:-
So, every day, someone wields the word science in order to validate their assertions, and we feel reassured by the authority we have vested in it. Science seems to have given us so much, that’s undeniable. We’ve been enthralled by science for such a long time now, but science might be seen essentially as just a methodological process applied to a model. The ‘model’ is always a subjective matter and that leads us to the uncomfortable conclusion that ‘science’ maybe isn’t as objective as we think. “The facts speak for themselves” is a phrase often heard these days, but most scientists would smile at that. Facts do not speak for themselves and we can never be sure we are looking at the right facts or indeed whether we have all the relevant ones anyway. Copernicus had pretty much the same ‘facts’ as Ptolemy, he just chose to interpret them differently. It’s not as if Copernicus came across a note left by God, saying ‘and by-the-way, the sun doesn’t go around the earth...’ Scientists ‘choose’ a model to use the facts with, and although the facts mediate the model, it could be wrong. Indeed, the history of science is littered with debunked models and I should mention here that according to Einstein the centre of the universe could in fact be posited anywhere! So, if the model is wrong, what then of the science? I don’t want to start debating the meaning of science here. This is simply an attempt to challenge the model upon which modern health science is founded. Probably one of the worst times in history to suggest such a thing, but here we go.
I need to start with trying to establish quite literally a different way of looking at the body. It would be great if you were familiar with the basics of Topology. It’s a branch of mathematics which deals with the surfaces of objects. Essentially it examines the surface plane of an object and imagines that if it were stretched out and no cuts were made, it would create either a sphere or a torus. It gets complicated if the object has more than one hole and would produce multiple or woven tori...oh and even tori so small they might be called 'handles'. Anyway, the point I want to make initially is that most of us tend to think of the human body as a sphere, but of course with a couple of holes and openings. Many of us might feel comfortable with the analogy of an old football - an outer leather jacket wrapped around a rubber bag which in our bodies contains all the inner gubbins of guts and vital organs. Over time of course the leather gets kicked around and develops a noticeable patina, natural an inevitable wear and tear. If that isn’t bad enough, look what happens when rubber starts to lose its buoyancy - crumbling wrinkles and folds are added. That's the way we tend to look at it and we seem drawn to the notion that the skin is just the outer barrier which when removed exposes the multi-coloured trophies which were once sought by the questionably inquisitive artisan dissectors working in basements 200 years ago. There were no doctors 200 years ago, at least none that we would recognise today. Nevertheless, this seems to be where our fundamental concept of the human body is rooted. The basic approach seems to have been founded on the butcher's block. The method was essentially to strip off the skin and get down to the complicated bits. The butcher had already identified his list of products, divided into meat and offal. We didn't do much else really. The human body was just a sack of products. Mary Shelley you might say helped us along with this picture. All we needed was to put the crucial items together, wrap them in skin (neatly stitched closed again) apply the spark, and there you have it. In fact, we all still seem to be comfortable with that idea, but when you think about it the body is not a skin covered saggy sphere at all, it’s a torus. That might be a bit uncomfortable to imagine initially, but if you examine the surface of your body from a topological perspective you begin to realise that the surface extends continuously from your mouth to your other opening! I might add the fact that our two nostril holes add, effectively, 2 handles to this torus. So, not a sphere but a torus with 2 handles! Now I know I know some comic is going to point out that this means all this time we've been walking around like a bunch of doughnuts but I'm afraid that's true!
I’m using the topological theorem to help us to re-imagine the body as a whole, and thereby allow us to reconsider our fundamental nature. Let’s move on from Frankenstein and magic potions. Such things we asked science simply to pick up from the ancien regime and deliver upon, rather than starting again from the beginning. (I could argue that what held science back at this point, was that nobody wanted to disrupt the market built around the healing sector. It was neatly primed for industrialisation and for the last 150 yrs. or so, since the first pharmacies, it has held sway over progress. The drugs industry is immense, and humanity is gratefully enslaved to dependency on palliative medicines.)
Any Anatomist will immediately recognize what I am trying to convey and that there is a difficulty when talking about the inside of the body. Most of us would refer to our digestive tract for example as being ‘inside’. Then again, most of us would concede that technically it is not actually ‘inside’ the body as such. So, if I pointed out that for example the womb was also technically not inside the body corporeal there might be a little more emotional and cultural discomfort.
Well, if we then went further to say that the lungs were not inside the body either but were actually, extended parts of the surface ‘skin’ of the body, who would agree? I am trying to follow a Topological reconfiguration of the body. I want to suggest that ultimately, the Alveoli of the lungs are the end point of exponential attenuation of skin! Of course, the skin has been deeply recessed down trachea and bronchia, but topology says the skin is continuous from your thumb to your lung! The lungs are highly developed interfaces for the transit of gasses between the body and the air outside.
Moving into the torus a little further, encounter the stomach, another interface which exudes acid. A little further and of course we reach the villi of the small intestine: a skin surface deeply hidden but topologically external!
If that is not enough, we have to then show that the kidney is also a deeply recessed semi-permeable membrane formed from the skin! Topology will show that the nephrons of the kidney can be seen as the end point of a surface we can follow from the external skin, through the ureter, through the bladder and then again through a narrow ureter to the kidney structure to a semi-permeable membrane which produces urine.
So, does this new perspective mean that the skin is a lot cleverer than we thought? In fact, no. The real action is taking place on the other side of the interface – the vasculature.
I then want to apply the topological theorem to an analysis of the vasculature as a whole . I want to suggest that in so doing we can regard the heart, liver and the pancreas for example as integral developments of vasculature and not separate entities simply oxygenated by veins. We might then ask how such complexity of function could develop, essentially, from veins? It is possible to suggest it is achieved by means of the Mesentery, something which has been sadly underestimated for centuries. From a topological perspective we might also show that the skeletal structure along with all musculature is a continuous component of vasculature, and that vasculature is clearly a torus or more accurately, a web of tori, which includes all of these things. I would need to take advice from a qualified Anatomist on the exact character of the vasculature, but I’m sure they would concur fundamentally. Put down the scalpel and view the vasculature and mesentery in its entirety.
Following on from that, I think it might be important to start to see the vasculature as the fundamental structure of the Mammal. We can see that the vasculature is determined to establish semi-permeable membranes reaching through the skin. We are basically a seething mass of mucosal interfaces, but we prefer to see ourselves otherwise. We see ourselves as a Talcum powdered satin pincushion of a body, draped in Prada or whatever, but that is a deceit. We are a seething collection of moist semi-permeable membranes albeit recessed and concealed from view, except of course for the eyeballs, which are perhaps our most typical of surface features. Most Anatomists would probably agree.
So, at this point I want to focus attention on what I believe is one of the most important mucosal interfaces: the oral mucosa. I want to suggest that we have been neglecting this area for too long. The oral mucosa is currently attracting much more attention than in the past and certainly the arbitrary removal of tonsils might have been a mistake. We already know that the oral mucosa is the initial responder to substances entering the bodily domain and that it can pass messages to the alimentary canal, pre-warning of carbohydrate or protein. Oral mucosa research continues.
We are all very familiar with the oral mucosa of course but not necessarily by name. We are aware that the skin changes significantly once we enter the mouth. The skin is moist, permanently, it is slimy, smooth and quite sensitive. Anyway, it appears that messages are sent via the oral mucosa as it responds customs-officer-like to substances entering the alimentary canal. It is I think a particularly important mucosal interface. It is sensitive, as anyone who has ever bitten a cheek when over zealously chomping on a tasty morsel can confirm. The oral mucosal interface is protected naturally by being the oral cavity but of course its very function requires it to be exposed to passing food and drink and it therefore requires some durability and skin has durability by continuously replacing the top layer. As the cells die, they form an additional protective coating added to again and again as the process is repeated. This layer of dead cells, known, if you remember early biology lessons as squamous epithelial, can be lost through abrasion, natural or otherwise without damaging the living cells beneath. Of course, we all know that the ultimate loss of these dead cells is essential for the long-term health of the skin. Many of course are familiar with hard skin on hands and feet but imagine how your skin might feel if you never washed at all, ever? How many layers of dead squamous epithelial cells would cover your body? Never to feel the pleasure of a crisp dry towel rubbing across your skin lifting the dead cells away, leaving the skin to feel alive and vibrant again; the very idea is unpleasant even revolting.
Well, keep that sensation in mind and consider this – when was the last time you cleaned the skin inside your mouth? The skin inside your cheeks, the skin most of us might gingerly avoid, suspecting that scouring this area with a firm brush would cause damage and leave us with an unpleasant sore patch.
So why would neglect of cleaning the oral mucosa be anything more than just a social embarrassment? Well because the oral mucosa is suffocating and must attempt to instigate the removal of the agent threatening its function. The first autonomic reaction it initiates is obvious and staring you in the face. The mucosa, in effect, senses that if it retracts collagen from the flesh adjacent to gnashing jaws, there may be more occasions when the teeth might scrape away dead cells and thereby re-invigorate the mucosal interface. Perhaps this effect has a long- lost evolutionary foundation which might explain why, even though the strategy fails, it never gives up with that idea. The older we get, the more collagen we lose, and the skin declines accordingly.
Unfortunately, that is not the only side effect of neglecting the oral mucosa. Let us imagine that the plaques of dead skin building up on the mucosa are identified as a pathogen by the immune system and therefore something which must be attacked and dispatched. The response is reflex, but of course, they are pretty much the same as living cells, and there’s the problem. When the immune system encounters what it has listed as alien or at least looks a bit like the identikit it has formulated, off it goes to attack. Thus, an auto-immune event. The exact location of misidentification appears to be unpredictable and varied: as varied as the list of autoimmune conditions we know today.
So, that explains ageing and many autoimmune diseases!! I’m just making a wild claim it would seem, but I have personal experience of what happens when the oral mucosa is cleaned. The results are astonishing.
Let’s go further and beyond the observation that formation of plaques of dead epithelial cells on the surface of the oral mucosal interface causes the retreat of collagen from the skin, initially adjacent to the oral mucosa but then retreating further over time. I would also like to question whether these plaques also affect the function of the nasal mucosa, simply by contagion, being adjacent to the roof of the mouth. As the oral mucosa declines so too does the nasal mucosa. Hence, the resistance to pathogens by means of the triggering of anti-bodies, is reduced. The deterioration of the nasal mucosa is clearly evident in the striking difference between the resistance shown by children, compared to adults, in respect of Covid19 infection for example. We have simply put this down to age and assume it is just an inevitable process. The fact is the deterioration is down to neglect (as indeed is ageing itself). We have a remedy for this deterioration, and it is simply to clear away the plaques of dead cells which are suffocating this most important of mucosal interfaces.
So, to summarize: neglect of the oral mucosa leads to the disfigurement we regard as natural human ageing, a host of auto-immune conditions and pandemics!!
A new and fantastic future for healing should now present itself to you.
Most immediately I want to highlight the importance of simply brushing the roof of the mouth in order to recover the health of the nasal mucosa. This I believe will eventually give enough protection to enough of the population to prevent transmission of COVID-19 which will free us from enslavement to vaccines. In addition, I would like to claim that this strategy when applied to the entire oral mucosa will end human ageing as we have known it. In addition, that other great scourge of our time: Alzheimer’s, will be solved. I could go on about macular degeneration and arthritis, but I know you will find this paradigm shift difficult to accept as it is. Well, I said there’d be blood, and there it is: not just in the mouth but also in the hallowed halls of medical autocracy.
The secondary effects of deterioration of the oral mucosal interface are, I believe immense.
Even so, until we accept that something so banal as scrubbing your mouth out could resolve so many problems, we are doomed to science applied to an ancient delusion. Why would a species depend on tablets to survive? I really don’t see an Evolutionary mechanism for that.
(Just an aside but, recently I was amused by a piece on the radio. It seems a group of scientists have decided to investigate Astrology with more vigour, just in case there might be ‘something in it’. Now, I have a suspicion that if you challenged a scientist to get blood out of a stone, the scientist would undoubtedly get some kind of blood, out of some kind of stone. The scientist would need to change the parameters of the original proposition but they would deliver. This is the kind of sleight of hand we are accustomed to and seem to accept. I simply want to suggest that we have spent much of the last 150 years determined that science produce a tablet version of a personal hygiene issue. We have misused science for too long.)
The following was an attempt to present the idea less technically, but by now you’ll probably be worn out.
To those interested particularly in philosophy of science,
I am trying to engage serious philosophical/scientific debate around a potentially paradigm shifting idea. I am so far out-of-the loop, it is difficult to reach anyone who might begin to understand the ramifications of my hypothesis. The current health crisis makes finding open-minded discussion around the fundamental basis of human health strategy even harder.
So, all I can hope is that you might give serious consideration to using the following text as a basis for a research project.
How to save the world
I think this might be one of the worst moments in history to ask anyone to consider the possibility of a fundamental change in human health strategy but I must try
I have been experimenting for the last 10 years on an intuitive hunch I had about the negative effects of never cleaning the skin inside the oral cavity. Now I know you’re going to say, that’s quite boring, even absurd, but wait. It's quite normal for us humans to spend our entire lives assuming the permanently moist lining of the mouth needs no maintenance. We obviously decided eventually that cleaning our teeth was a good idea, (although that was in embarrassingly recent history) and nowadays most of us maintain our gums too with at least a cursory brushing. The issue for me seemed to be that we shied away from using the toothbrush more widely. Perhaps you remember the time you accidentally bit into your cheek while chomping eagerly on some tasty morsel; and vowed never to venture that way again?!
Well, you see, I wanted to know whether the obvious neglect of this oral mucosa (for that's what this slimy skin is called) might explain the obvious deterioration over time of the skin above. Indeed, a question staring everyone in the face for a very long time, and frankly, something which must have occurred to many people over the centuries. Most people give up on the idea but maybe it had happened before, a long time ago, but in the ruthless mayhem of human history the idea was lost. Maybe some ancient tribe had discovered it and had just taken it for granted, perhaps not even realizing its significance, living life peacefully alone without ambitions of power or domination. Until one day some strangers appeared, with guns, God and despicable avarice in mind. Maybe they wanted gold, maybe they wanted land, women, or maybe they just wanted food. Of course, it's possible they wanted knowledge too, but things didn't work out that way. The secret was lost, whether by slaughter or disease or simply because of language. Maybe as the last member of the tribe lay dying, he/she realised what the strangers didn’t understand and decided not to reveal the secret, to take revenge on the murderous visitors, on them their children and their children’s children. Of course, it’s more likely to have been belligerent disbelief. Yes, that is most likely to be the reaction of most people to the possibility that such a banal premise could change the world and put an end to so much human misery. I was sceptical myself.
Well, after ten years of persistent cleaning of my mucosa, I can now tell you that the effects are remarkable: collagen returns to the facial skin and in so doing removes lines and folds, in much the same as Botox might, except this is of course, entirely natural (and free!). That effect was quite pleasing even though I've never been a vain person and not a natural beauty! Nevertheless, this result will eventually be known more widely and will I believe change human history thereafter. Think of the skin of Passion Fruit, it goes wrinkly because the pith contracts, not because of weathering on the surface!
Despite the fundamental importance of that result, I would like to postulate further on other potential benefits of rehabilitation of the oral mucosa. Firstly, I must emphasize that the mammalian body can be viewed by anatomists as a collection of mucosal interfaces: an array of semi-permeable membranes, the oral mucosa being just one of many. Others include most obviously, the lungs, the villi of the small intestine, the sweat glands and the kidneys….
…Briefly, I am asserting that the oral mucosa is pivotal to human well-being. I will show how degeneration of the oral mucosa is the fundamental cause of much human misery. More immediately I would assert that the degeneration of the oral mucosa disables the primary defence of the body, including the nasal mucosa which of course is damaged by proximal contagion. Might this be the obvious explanation of why older people are much more prone to Covid 19?!
This leads to an obvious proposition: regeneration of the oral mucosa (particularly the roof of the mouth) might restore youthful vigour to immune defences.
It’s so simple it’s embarrassing. Future generations will laugh at us(or cry)….We can’t keep vaccinating the entire world ad-infinitum. This strategy is low tech, inexpensive and will change the world.
(Of course, it is not a quick solution. Brushing the entire Oral Mucosa with a firm bristle toothbrush is very difficult at first. You will develop your own limits of abrasion but discover that the discomfort fades very quickly (within a few hours) and you will begin to feel the skin changing. You have to keep in mind just how long you have left this area unattended, allowing plaques of dead skin to form. What used to be a glass-smooth surface in your youth, now feel like the skin on rice pudding when you run your tongue across it.
Needless to say, you have a lot of catching up to do and it will take years.
Even if you think this is not the sort of remedial action you could be bothered with, at least you could pass it on to younger generations. Future generation might escape some of the worst effects of mucosa neglect. Ageing as we know it today, is not the worst thing.)” Go on, give it a try. It’s free and although not easy will change your life.
All because of a toothbrush….
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2022.01.20 10:13 SnooWalruses6022 Hustler music ?

Are there any modern rappers who you feel like recreate the early 2000’s hustler music ?, like that of Jeezy, Gucci, and Rick Ross. Drop some recommendations or songs below
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2022.01.20 10:13 arcade1upguy Few questions on Wii Portable

I have my Wii ready, the sd card is ready, USB drive, and I'm about to order my parts for my custom portable Wii. But there are a few things I want to make sure before I order everything.

  1. If the Wii can be powered by 8 AA batteries with a 12v output, how long would the battery last? I'm fine with even an hour, I already have rechargeable AAs.
1a. If I need to run it off a battery pack, can someone give me a recommendation? I have decent space made for it, and I'm not sure which type of battery pack to use. Of course if I can stick with AAs, I would prefer it for cost.
  1. How do I bypass the disc drive? I've taken the drive out but I haven't attempted to run a game with it removed. Apparently Wii games cannot be booted without a disc drive. Is there something I need to plug in or a program that can be used to simulate it?
And that's really it, unless there's something else extra I need to do. Thanks
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2022.01.20 10:13 lucasromerodb Impuestito ya llegó a más de 500 usuarios. Gracias!!! Y además ahora también tiene soporte para PS Deals! (v1.5)

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2022.01.20 10:13 myliedaff Question for those who have sold system cameras: should I sell parts individually or sell a complete camera?

A while ago I bought a Bronica ETRSi kit with the intention of keeping what I would actually use and selling the rest. I’ve picked out what I want to keep, and what I have to sell equates to two complete cameras, plus a couple of extra parts.
Anyone have experience doing something similar?
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2022.01.20 10:13 IwannaDieei What do you think is the meaning of life?

Please don't try cheap one line jokes. Under every post I see that
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