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Maybe I saw something different ??

2022.01.20 11:11 TOOMUCH4SKIN Maybe I saw something different ??

Why are there so many rumors flying around about who to replace Marcos alonso with when we have Lewis baker who, I know he’s only 17, but goddamn he was great against spurs in the efl cup. Why wouldn’t we give him a go ? Reece James came through the academy and he’s been brilliant. Idk
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2022.01.20 11:11 Metalearther Not email if blank?

I have this script. Here is the meat and potatoes part of it:

$OUs = Get-ADOrganizationalUnit -LDAPFilter "(name=Users*)" -SearchBase "" | Where-object { $_.DistinguishedName -notlike "" } foreach ($OU in $OUs.DistinguishedName) { Get-ADUser -SearchBase $OU -Filter { (Enabled -eq $False) } -Properties name, SamAccountName, employeeID, title, office, mail, manager | ForEach-Object -Process { [pscustomobject]@{ "Display Name" = $_.surname, $_.givenname -join ', ' "Login Name" = $_.SamAccountName "Employee ID" = $_.employeeid "Job Title" = $_.title "Location" = $_.office "Email Address" = $_.mail "Manager Name" = $(Get-ADUser $_.manager -Properties displayName).displayname } } | Export-Excel $FileComplete -AutoSize -Append } #region Email Send-MailMessage @mailparam #endregion Email 
This is running as a scheduled task every morning. What I would like to do is if there are no results not send the email.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how best to perform this? When searching I see articles on setting a null variable and then checking that null variable at the end. However, I am not finding articles on performing this task with performing the commands the way I am running them.

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2022.01.20 11:11 TruckingAngler GRAY 1/20/2022: hires 6 new Top-Executives..

This WILL move the needle... Especially with GRAY's crazy LOW-FLOAT !
"Graybug Vision Makes Key Hires to Further Build Momentum Behind its Pipeline. January 20 2022 - 07:30AM. GlobeNewswire Inc.
Graybug Vision, Inc. (Nasdaq: GRAY), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing transformative medicines for the treatment of diseases of the retina and optic nerve, today announced the hiring of six new employees who will enhance Graybug’s Research & Development (R&D), Regulatory Affairs and Program Management capabilities, as the Company further builds momentum behind its pipeline in 2022. “We are at a critical stage in our efforts to further progress and diversify our pipeline with new, high-value programs. I strongly believe that strengthening our world-class ophthalmology team is key to our future success. I am therefore pleased to welcome several new team members, who add critical leadership in Regulatory Affairs and Program Management, as well as further deepen our teams’ capabilities in R&D,” said Fred Guerard, Pharm D, CEO of Graybug.
Among Graybug’s key hires are Fang Li, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, and Ali Kakavand, Vice President, Head of Program Management:

The compensation committee of Graybug’s board of directors granted the six newly-hired employees inducement options to purchase an aggregate of 234,200 shares of Graybug common stock on January 14, 2022, as inducements material to each employee entering employment with Graybug. The options were granted in accordance with Nasdaq Listing Rule 5635(c)(4).
The options have an exercise price of $1.55 per share, which was equal to the closing price of Graybug common stock on the grant date. One-fourth of the options vest on the one-year anniversary of the vesting commencement date and the remainder vest in equal monthly installments over the next three years, in each case subject to the new employee’s continued service with the company. Each stock option has a 10-year term and is subject to the terms and conditions of a stock option agreement covering the grant."
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2022.01.20 11:11 One_Memory458 How old do I look and your first impression of me. I feel confident enough to show my face today

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2022.01.20 11:11 OREO42O No Banner! Only Hulk! Hi guys! Here's some Hulk Vector art that I made. Hope you like 'em. Follow my IG:@digiartsbyjin to see more artworks like this. Tips and criticisms open.

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2022.01.20 11:11 budgetcooking (+69439) How dare you

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2022.01.20 11:11 4one_two BBC1’s “Four Lives” Grindr Serial Killer Documentary

Does anyone know if there’s a way to watch this in the US? Curious about this case, saw BBC1 did a docuseries on it. Ty!
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2022.01.20 11:11 neueruse LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - Gameplay Overview

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2022.01.20 11:11 fakeburtreynolds Advice Needed: Customer Needs Replacement Cost Estimate

A colleague has a customer who had flood damage to their property. Their claim was subsequently denied through their property carrier and they did not carry flood insurance. They are applying for government aid and were told they need to provide a replacement cost estimate. They plan on completing the work themselves but need to provide an estimate from either a contractor or an adjuster. The property carrier did not visit the property to provide an estimate.
Anyone have recommendations on how to obtain an estimate?
I mentioned contacting local construction and water mitigation companies to see if they would provide one on a fee basis but was hoping someone had a better suggestion. They haven't had any luck getting a contractor out to even take a look. This is in the PA/DE area.
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2022.01.20 11:11 B-L-O-C-K-S meow irl

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2022.01.20 11:11 budgetcooking "Vigilante"

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2022.01.20 11:11 Kaneypoo69 Cheating issues

This really needs addressing, when I started playing 2 weeks ago things felt fair, over the last week there's been so many blatant cheaters it's insane
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2022.01.20 11:11 n0rm4l_real How to maintain big Cassandra cluster properly?

Hello folks! Currently we are operating relatively small Cassandra cluster with 64 nodes, but will scale-out soon. I heard some companies are running Cassandra on hundreds or even thousands of servers, which is very impressive. Do we have anyone here who is maintaining big Cassandra cluster? Will appreciate if you can share some info, like what issues did you faced before, how do you deal with repairs, cleanups, snapshots / backups etc. Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.20 11:11 whywouldntidothis 38M From Charleston, SC would like someboody new and different to talk to.

Howdy Reddit,
My daily grind requires the distraction of a human connection to be sustainable. Heck, it's even nice to have somebody there on the weekend to consistently engage with. Talking and getting to know somebody forms pathways that make the rest of the day go smoothly and de-stresses me immensely. I may vent to you. You may vent to me. You may use me as a faceless outlet to gush about things you love that you can't anywhere else. I may use you a repository for secrets. or...hey...we might just be like genuine people making a connection or something. it'd be nice if i could be me around somebody on a regular basis.
who am I: married to a woman I love maniacally and ethically nonmono, avid motorcyclist, Dark Souls nerd, no kids, retirement focused, travel hungry, scotch lover, cat lover, cook, many layered person.
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2022.01.20 11:11 romain34230 Instagram photocopie OnlyFans avec des abonnements jusqu’à 100$ par mois

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2022.01.20 11:11 Dj90409 This is what I thought while seeing Miranda’s makeup at the table

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2022.01.20 11:11 mnpergame489 A nice golden lemon

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2022.01.20 11:11 MaderaBlade NEW UPDATE WARZONE!

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2022.01.20 11:11 CivylSwivyl Did this template! It was fun :3 Jigglypuff MU chart is probably gonna go up tomorrow? In the meantime take this

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SMIRCS NFT GIVEAWAY (FLOOR PRICE OF 1.69 ETH/4000$) (UNLOCKABLE CONTENT) Collectible YES, SMIRCS GIVEAWAY!! WORTH 4000$/EACH! https://preview.redd.it/l4w8b2szouc81.jpg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=6715d838b8a74612e2cc274b32b5f87d06fde0a6
  • Drop Eth Address Below
  • Join here: https://discord.gg/cVfyfQShRG
    • Account must be 3 days Old
    • Must have a Profile picture
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2022.01.20 11:11 LechiaInc Just in case South African society collapses

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2022.01.20 11:11 Padamuz ich🇪🇺iel

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2022.01.20 11:11 owlmitzj Could be a self-portrait... or not. 👀 Sketched this last month.

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2022.01.20 11:11 LemmytheLemuel Eleanor pero es exactamente como la describen en el libro

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2022.01.20 11:11 oddchexmix Applying through Workday sites?

Is it normal to not hear back from any company that requires you to submit their application on the Workday site?
Applying to this site is super time-consuming as it requires you to retype everything you have on your resume. It's super surprising how there's not a "one account fits all" with the site, like you have to make another new account each time that you'd want to apply through there.
Does it even use the ATS-format when scanning the apps?
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