How old were you when you lost your virginity (with man)?

2021.12.05 01:57 Outrageous-Section87 How old were you when you lost your virginity (with man)?

Sometimes I feel I was too young compared to other guys. My first sexual experience was when I was 13, with another guy (he was 16), I bottomed.
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2021.12.05 01:57 tooLateToDoAnything The trailer for the new movie looks amazing

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2021.12.05 01:57 graetvbu Bandırma Vapuru'nun Kaptanları

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2021.12.05 01:57 navij55 LF: Mewtwo From Ramanas Park FT: Shiny 5IV (0 Sp.Att) HA Totodile in Dive Ball

This totodile was bred myself. Obtained the egg on 11/30/2021 and hatched it today 12/04/2021. Egg was not cloned, nor was this pokemon.
Lvl 5 Shiny Totodile (male) Nature: Jolly
OT - Ognir ID No. - 533971
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2021.12.05 01:57 ASaneSJW Former 49ers HC Jim Harbaugh leads Michigan to there first Big-10 title under his regime.

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2021.12.05 01:57 Fluffy-Twist984 Weird Instagram bots

There have been various accounts that are continuing to appear excessively where there is no avatar on them and it’s basically the default one, there are probably 10,000 or more of them. I don’t exactly know where they could’ve came from. I’m guessing they are all bots because they have activity patterns that could indicate it to be true. Has anyone else seen this issue?
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2021.12.05 01:57 Wyrdletini Cold weather means cold beans. Make sure you always check your PBC’s tires before heading out for the day

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2021.12.05 01:57 SlippersTBD Cassie - Long Way 2 Go (Official Music Video)

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2021.12.05 01:57 WaniMusic Where do I START!

Okay so here is the deal.. I know there are other people who are trying really hard to get into the music industry. But I don’t mind working hard, it’s just I don’t even know where to start. I write lyrics and make melody without instruments. But learning insturment is impossible for me, since I don’t have the money to buy it, secondly I don’t have the time, with full time school and work (all the money goes towards necessities). Please if anyone can help me where to start in the acting or music business let me know! I am seriously crying, because I don’t want to give up, but it’s starting to feel like I have to. Also if someone in Riverside county area want to start a band or something let me know, I am 19 years by the way.
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2021.12.05 01:57 NCISx My name is Giovanni Giorgio

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2021.12.05 01:57 Viking122584 I would like to introduce our enforcer u/ConnorCruePS4. If you need help with PVP! Let us know!

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2021.12.05 01:57 snowbunnyA2Z My Husband is a Grinch

My husband thinks Christmas is stupid. He says he doesn't but he is stressed and generally grumpy from Thanksgiving to New Year's. He doesn't like shopping, and he really doesn't like spending money. I have to do all the planning, shopping, wrapping, cooking and traditions with my five year old and six month old baby by myself. It really bums me out because I love giving thoughtful gifts, I think it is so fun to get excited with the kids and sometimes I wish he just wasn't around to bring us down.
Yes, I've told him all of this, we go to therapy and he just doesn't care. This year I'm having a hard time getting in the spirit because my dad died in September and my oldest kid is having a hard time with behavior (new baby+preschool+grandpa died) and I just want to say screw the whole thing.
Anyone else go through this? What can I do?
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2021.12.05 01:57 rytmyndtofynd Tools for randomly slicing and rearranging images

Can anyone recommend a tool for slicing and rearranging parts of an image?
I'm interested in randomly slicing, rearranging/remixing images, in particular letters to form new fonts and shapes.
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2021.12.05 01:57 ArtisianWaffle Party Comp and Character Help

I am join my friends level 16 Party. They currently have a sorcerer(Dragonic)/Bard(SilverQuill), a Rogue(Assassin), and a Wizard. For the most part we will seem to be fight Giants, Daugr, and some undead I believe. Right now I am thinking about a super punchy FighteMonk, some sort of cleric (Probably Life or Death), or a Ranger of some sort. I know people will say to play what is fun, but I also find trying to balance a party to be fun, plus I have no clue what to play.
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2021.12.05 01:57 Cynical_vibe Suicide is always the answer (part 1 )

Why do we have the ability to sense what another is feeling without visibly, verbally, or emotionally expressed means?. Why do some people have such a profound effect on us compared to others? Love, hatred, sympathy, fear, irritation, and care are merely a few emotions that derive from the presence of another. How do these emotions take place even if the affected does not care about the effector, or lacks a strong bond; or even poses a strong sense of maturity and mentality towards an interaction? How can someone you never met before greatly impact the way you feel with just one interaction whether it's positive or negative?
Does it come from the heart, or maybe the mind? Perhaps the instilled mindset itself conditioning you to behave with others in a given situation based on personality and past interactions. I feel as though all may play a factor in the matter, but the answer is the soul. When you gaze into the eyes of another, you subconsciously create a link. Emotions ranging from awkwardness to intimidation, to lust can take place. The mind processes the eyes as a barcode and immediately gets a read or sense I should say of who the person is or what they may be feeling. When you connect to someone emotionally, you are in sync despite reasoning. I know this all too well…. I. I'm sorry. I'm rambling on. This isn't supposed to be an attempt at a Nobel Peace for analysis on the human psyche, but a call out for help. I suppose I should start from the beginning.
To sum things up I have….had abusive parents and would always avoid going home after school to steer clear of the relentless slander and beatings. School itself was often looked at as an escape for me; that was until the bullying added to my list of reasons far exceeding 13. I would often get shamed for sleeping in my car and not having the best clothes. I did my best to keep up with my hygiene despite being homeless at 16 but my appearance would give off the opposing sentiment. Not too many people knew of my living conditions outside of my oppressors and James.
He was a kind soul that always took up for me along with gifting me food. He comforted me in my darkest times and became the light of my life. He knew about the bullying but never the abuse or lack of living space and I would have never told him. He would have remained in the dark about it, if not for the video of my car getting dog feces smeared on it didn't go viral whilst sleeping in it. It was a humiliating time, to say the least.
Some good did come out of the situation though. Jasmine, the ass responsible and person who has been bullying me year-round, finally got suspended for her actions…. After I took my backpack full of books and smacked it across her face breaking her nose the following day. It should go without saying that I followed suit soon after. That was a small victory for me and I was glad to take it. Later that day James offered to help wash my car which I thought was sweet but declined. That's not to say he didn't take it upon himself to do it anyway. He offered to take me out to eat while my car was getting detailed. My habits try to persuade me to decline instantly but my stomach won the debate. “ That would be nice,” I said, trying to hide the fact I was blushing.
As usual, I enjoyed my time with him. With him, the concept of time itself eluded me. He was the special person in my life that made me forget about everything troubling me. I feel like somehow he already knew that. I mean… I wasn't good at hiding emotion and wore the disappointment on my face whenever we would depart. Gosh, I'm rambling on again. sorry….Anyway, we eventually made it back to the carwash and said our farewells. I drove off first to not make it obvious that I was homeless and dozed off in an alley not too far from the restaurant we ate at.
(knock knock knock) “ Clair? “ (knock knock knock) “Clair?“, James muffled through the window, jolting me out of my sleep. “ I went back to the restaurant because I left my wallet and happened to see your car as I pulled out the driveway. Did your car break down? Are you feeling ok? I can take you home if you need a ride and we can come back for your car tomorrow. It's not safe out here you know.”
I didn't reply. A rush of shame hit me before I could even lie. I just got out and hugged him, sobbing in his arms. “ So are the rumors true? there's no need to be ashamed you have been living like this for a year and manage to keep your grades above the rest along with a smile on your face this whole time? That takes a strong woman.” He always knew just what to say to cheer me up. “ There goes that beautiful smile. I wish you told me sooner. I can't let you stay out here alone. Come with me. You can stay at my place.” “But what about your parents,” I asked,” what would they say about you bringing a girl over to stay?” “I have no parents. It's been quite some time. I stay alone and have plenty of room”
I proceeded to apologize but he stopped me mid-way with a kiss on the lips. “ I only had you this whole time as you had me. Thank you for helping without knowing it. Now, allow me to return the favor.” From that point on, life started to get easier and I found myself being happy more often. The rest of my senior year went smoothly. I didn't seem to care about the bullying anymore. Not that it was much-considering jasmine becoming the new target for jokes, relieving a lot of negative attention off me. My life was starting to become the opposite of what it once was.
James really became the light of my life. He really helped me see through dark times that I thought would never cease to exist. I was glad to be wrong, but I hated to be right. We forget that the dark and light, such as day and night, are merely parallel. Neither overpowers the other. Dark blinds us from things that require light. Light makes us just as oblivious to light. What's the difference? Light radiates from a source. The light must be created, but darkness... darkness merely exists. It's the default of all existence, mayhaps out of living conciseness itself. That's why we humans value light more without being aware of its scarcity. When the warms of your light die out, you'll immediately get a consciously cold revival of the dark.
It was just like any other day. Waking to breakfast, driving to school, reading long paragraphs of affection, followed by our routine walks and random restaurant outings. If I…. If I had not… been so careless he would have still been here in my arms. Why did your last time in my arms have to be so painful? Why did I have to cross the road instead of waiting for you to tie your shoes? NO, why did they run the stoplight? Why did you jump to push me out of the way? Why did the driver keep going? Why James; what must you leave behind as if you are not the only reason to live.
I never recovered from that night and I never saw who did it. Only the car they were in. It was a Nissan Altima 2014, all white, with a tag reading JIH642. I saw it as clear as my mangled boyfriend's body. The cops stop putting in effort after a week; giving me the generic pity talk. It was hard not falling back into my old ways but I fought hard to keep my head up. That's what he would want.
It was apparent that the news got around school as I was welcomed on my arrival back, even from Jasmine herself. She even pulled me to the side; eyes full of freshly conjured guilt. “ I'm sorry to hear about your loss, and I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused over the years.” This came as a surprise to me. She never seemed apologetic about anything before so I lacked a response. She prolonged, “ I know I can be a bitch and I understand if you hate, but I would like to make things up to you. I was highly immature and put that behind me, I wish to be a better person and was hoping we could start things over, as friends.”
As much as my intuition said no, I knew I could use a friend more than anything. “ Yes, I would like that a lot actually,” I replied with a smile. From that day on we grew closer. I eventually got comfortable around her other friends as well. It really got me through a tough time. I thought about that day less. learning to cope with the loss of James. That's not to say it wasn’t hard for me to hold in my emotions during our graduation when he honored him in his absence. I think the whole school took it hard that day, Jasmine especially. she really seemed to have an opposite side to herself from what I previously knew.
I don't just say that because she shed tears for his loss. That's expected, I suppose, but she would buy me food, study with me, and talk to me late at night when I needed to vent. It was as if she was always my friend. That was odd but refreshing to me. I didn't think much of it since I wasn't the most social beforehand and couldn't really question it.
“ Clair, we're going out to celebrate; you want to come with us? We understand if you don't,” Jasmine stated, breaking my train of thought. I replied,“ Oh, I'm sorry. I was tuned out for a bit. What was it that you asked?” she relayed,“ Oh, we were just wondering did you want to go celebrate with us. Nothing major, just me and the girls going out to eat.” with a lukewarm smile I replied once more, “ Yea, I don't see why not.”
“ Great, you can ride with me.” I gave her a puzzled look considering the only transportation on our outings was provided through her friends. I felt compelled to ask“ you, have a car? Since when?”
She seemed quick on her feet with her reply sounding excited, “ it's a graduation gift from my parents! It's my first car!” Looking back, she sounded more nervous than excited. Feeling a cold subtle touch on my nose; It started to rain heavily and seemingly out of nowhere. “ Stay here. I'll pull it up front, “ Jasmine said, scurrying through the parking lot. In seconds I lost sight of her. It was really pouring down. I mean to the point that only seeing lights and a black blur that I instinctively processed as her car was possible on arrival.
I quickly hopped in in hopes of not getting her interior wet, closed the door, and made a quick glance, “ nice car, from the inside at least; I could barely see the outside. We should be careful on the road.” Jasmine replied with a wide grin as usual, “ thanks and agreed. The forecast didn't say it would be this bad but it should be softening up soon.” we made it to our destination seemingly 20-ish.. 30-ish minutes, I don't know. I slept most of the ride due to the rain along feeling a bit down because I and James talked about this day for the longest.
We eventually met up with the others and got our table. It was your typical girl night out. Gossip, a bit of drinks, and laughs to complement our food. The rain seemed to clear up right as we finished up our meal. “You guys can go ahead. Thank you for inviting me to come. I'll pay this time. Oh and jazz, ill uber home. No need to waste extra gas on me.” They all thanked me and began to go on their way. “Bill please,” I said, calling out to our waiter.” That's when I realized that I left my purse in jasmines car.
I rushed out in pursuit of her from behind, halting her just before she got out of the parking lot. She reversed the car, front facing towards me, and got out of the car with my purse already held. That suddenly didn't matter anymore. I think that's when it formed, The Link, and when all my emotions started to die out. I took my purse from her and noticed her interior for the first time in detail. “ Thank you,” I Said not trying to hide my tone of suspicion,” You know I just realized this is an Altima. I didn't pay much to the interior before.”
She replied hesitantly, “ Yea, it's not too new but it's new to me. I wanted a honda but this car is just as good for me,” I felt an uneasy familiarity with her car but didn't know exactly what it was. I continued, “ you're gonna be pissed. You know there is a scratch on the front of your car right now? Someone must have hit it while we were inside. I thought it was a white stain until I took a second glance.” pissed she was. “ What the hell! I just got this…” jasmine paused, taking on a face of guilt. A guilt as familiar as the car itself. The guilt that I had mistaken for sympathy when she gave me her condolences. I look up above the license plate
“ JIH642…. This car killed James. It was you wasn't it.?”, I said calmly, devoid of all emotion.
Sobbing uncontrollably she replied,” I didn't mean to, I swear. I swear I didn't see anyone that night. I panicked when I realized I heard a scream and hit someone. I didn't know it was James until we got the news at school the next day. I wanted to speak up but my dad made me stay quiet and said his friends at the police station will handle it. I didn't know he meant to cover it up. I have felt like shit ever since that day”, she prolonged. I interjected,“ so that's why you befriended me. You really are every bit of sick as I thought you were “
She rebutted, “ Claire, I'm sorry. I really do value our friendship. I know how much he meant to you and I took that away. I'm truly sorry I was just scared. There's not a single day where I didn't wish I could trade places and give him back to you. You are an amazing person and never deserved anything that I ever put you through. Claire please,” I mimicked her, “Please. Just stop,” I said, ending with a hug for that's all I could think to do at that moment. She just stood there distraught as if she was the victim of bad news instead. My phone vibrated signaling that my uber was near. ”I need to go now.” As if queued, my driver arrives. “claire?” he asked. “ That would be me, yes. May I get a change of destination please?”, I
requested looking at jasmine in her pathetic eyes as I got into the vehicle.
I think we humans, no matter the situation, always strive for happiness; always strive for that light we so desperately cling to in our darkest hours. I've realized that mine has died out a while back. The only thing that remained in the darkness itself, previously hidden behind that temporary light. But, I think I've found out how to get it back. I see it, down below, reflecting off the pavement.
( exhales and takes a step off a building)
I can feel the wind foreshadowing relief from my tribulation. It's really like they say; your life does flash before your eyes, like in the movies. I can see the reel of my memories merging in unison with my field of view as it narrows by the second. I'm almost there. I'm nearing my light. I just wish to touch it once more, just for a second. Even if I know what comes after as if written in darkness( loud thud)
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2021.12.05 01:57 Straight_Bug2108 Whiskey Burger!

Do you put whiskey into the meat or just the sauce? Not a big sauce fan and want to make whiskey burgers!
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2021.12.05 01:57 dnaishz Trigger is remarkably very handsome in this scene

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2021.12.05 01:57 Turuu_Was_Taken ELI5 why the 0 power of a number is always 1

I saw a post about multiple of zero but I genuinely don't understand why a number multiplied by zero is zero but the zero power of a number is one instead of zero? How does that work?
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2021.12.05 01:57 The_V0ic3Act0r And now! we shall wait and see what these 2 champions can bring me

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2021.12.05 01:57 ErtugrulGhazi 293 کھانا (Day 293)

دوستو آج میں باہر گیا تھا اور ایک پاکستانی ریسٹورنٹ سے لذیز و بہترین گھانا کھایا تھا ۔ اب کافی دیر ہو گئی ہے تو میں سونے جا رہا ہوں ۔ خداحافظ دوستو!
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2021.12.05 01:57 bhuvanaezhumalai How to make Natural Soap at Home With Goats Milk

Natural Soap at Home Soap making is a great thing, and it's great to know what ingredients are going into the soap you are using on your skin. It's good to understand that you are doing a healthy thing for your family. And there are many ways of making soap at home.
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2021.12.05 01:57 montezumocurry recovering videos from terminated channel

my channel was recently terminated (for reasons i would like to leave nameless), thus, evidently, i dont have any means to view any of the content ive made throughout the past six years.
obviously this devastates me, and i want to do something about it. i honestly havent a care in the world for my channel nor its mildly significant subscriber count– i just want my videos back. needless to say, as is the case with many others, ive spent countless hours in order to muster up roughly ~700 videos, primarily for my friends, and myself to revisit.
i submitted an appeal a little over two weeks ago, of which hasnt met a response. to be honest, i wrote it immediately (stirred by anxiety) upon discovering termination, so my coordination and addresses were likely deemed fruitless.
furthermore i am completely aware as to why youtube removed my channel, no sugar-coating there. with that being said, my first question would be whether or not recovering my channel would even be possible under the circumstances where youtube did NOT 'make the wrong call' (emails words regarding appeals).
if not the abovementioned, would any of you guys know of any way to recover my videos?
all advice is appreciated.
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2021.12.05 01:57 FatLayerOfFat Any ideas on the morph of this ball python?

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2021.12.05 01:57 LibraryTrader Where Lambo Apes 🦧 🔥🏎 BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH MORE FREE SHIT 🏎🏎🏎🏎 Link in comments

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2021.12.05 01:57 IceEmzWifey23 Assistance please!!

I'm raising $313 until 12/31/2021 for Money to fix 3 windows that were busted out of my car.. Can you help?
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