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What did you think of the BO3 Campaign?

2021.12.05 01:37 brainbank786 What did you think of the BO3 Campaign?

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2021.12.05 01:37 ZoolShop ‘Fortnite’ Down With Players Stuck Floating Outside New Chapter 3 Map

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2021.12.05 01:37 UsernamesIrrelevant ☕️😎

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2021.12.05 01:37 gnomewrangler1 H: enclave flamer. Stabilized stock/standard sights. W: caps.

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2021.12.05 01:37 Hilliex Someone has been knocking on our door at 4:30 in the morning and I’m terrified

Basically what the title says. It’s 4:30 in the morning and someone has been knocking on our door for the past 15 minutes. I (22F) have my bedroom by the front door and I can hear him pacing up and down the hallway and he’s tried to open the door a few times too.
Is there anything I can do? Me and my two (Also females) flatmates live in an apartment building. You’re not supposed to get in without a key so it could also be a neighbor but because he’s tried the door a few times and is pacing up and down our hallway I’m getting a reaaaally bad feeling about it (also since it’s the middle of the night). My flatmates are both asleep (since, you know, it’s 4AM).
Should I wake them up? Do I go all out and call the cops? Do I just wait it out?
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2021.12.05 01:37 Martha___Wayne Looking for a fifth for clash tonight - you'll be playing top

Hey all, basically title - I'm their JG, we have four at the moment. Looking for a top.
We're just having a bit of fun, no expectations and no hangups. My op gg is https://oce.op.gg/summoneuserName=the%20better%20jg (tongue-in-cheek name)

happy to do a practice game prior if that helps!
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2021.12.05 01:37 PreferencePutrid4232 Strange Dream question.

Idk if this will sound strange or not but I’ll share anyway. So when I realize I’m dreaming I feel this defensive instinct kick in. If I encounter something that appears foreign/not something from my own subconscious or if it is and it’s something negative, I destroy or erase it. I have it in my head that my personal dream space is mine and nothing is allowed in unless invited. That I have full control over my personal dream space. Here’s where I sometimes wonder if this is a problem. If say something positive was trying to help… be it a guide, late relatives, my higher self. Am I being too defensive and controlling? Again this is probably a weird question.
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2021.12.05 01:37 blackarmchair Had a scare with my new Omega today

I replaced my EDC Glock with a CZ75 omega last week and I finally got a chance to take it to the range today.
Bit of backstory: I got the CZ because the Glock I'd been carrying was having some malfunctions (intermittent light and off-center primer strikes). I sent it back to Glock and they fixed it for free but I just didn't trust the gun anymore and didn't want to carry it. So I sold it and upgraded to the CZ.
So I get to the range today and pop in a fresh mag: boom... boom... click. Wtf. Three rounds in and the slide is sitting about 1/8" out-of-battery.
The RSO (range safety officer) notices and comes over to see what's up. I chat with him about it and he says: "super weird for a reliable brand like CZ to do that but brand new guns sometimes need a 'break in' period". I knew this but didn't expect it.
He advised that I manually clear the round and try to put a few mags through it to see if the situation would improve. This was not easy to do; the slide kinda locks up when it's in that position and I had to hold the slide by the serrations in my left hand and strike the frame with the webbing of my right hand to get the slide back into place (takes some grip strength).
About 50rds later it's still happening pretty consistently every 3-5 attempts (my hands are tired and achy). We're both petty baffled and I'm pretty mad.
I kinda give up and decide to shoot the remainder of my ammo through my Scorpion that I'd also brought. I load up a mag for the scorp: boom... boom... boom... click. What the absolute value of fuck? I've put hundreds of rounds through that thing with ZERO malfunctions. I look down and find the bolt sitting halfway out of battery due to a double feed.
I'm kinda dumbfounded at that point but the RSO swooped-in and picked up my ammo box. He took a closer look at one of the rounds and started laughing. Apparently, the rounds were reloads and the label didn't specify that. I guess some retailers weren't able to get factory shit earlier this year due to pandemic shortages and resorted to selling reloads.
Turns out my guns work fine. It was the ammo. But man was that a confusing and scary 20min. I'm a little peeved about being sold reloads too... But I guess I'm just happy that everything is okay
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2021.12.05 01:37 an_anon_butdifferent my two new ocs ask anything about them

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2021.12.05 01:37 cryptotraderswho 🚀 Moon Rocket Coin Presale | 🔥 Launching $MRC on Pinksale 6th December ( Tomorrow ) | 💎 2 Exchanges already signed | More Exchange Listings Will Come | 📅 DApp , Staking , Charity , Anti-bot , Anti whale | KYCed & Audited | 🤑 This is the next 1000x Moon Rocket Coin | Ready Now to the Moon

Moon Rocket Coin ( $MRC ) is a decentralized token created on the Binance Smart Chain to maximize returns to investors. With a team of crypto experts leading the cause, MRC strives to be the next revolution in the realm of blockchain. Their creators have studied the markets for a long time, uncovering what it takes to launch a resilient coin with promising potential.
With amazing tokenomics and huge marketing approach they already have 2 exchanges ( Coinsbit. io and Coinsbit. in ) signed before token release. 🎉
📅 6 December : Pinksale launchpad at 16:00 UTC
📅 7 December DEX Pancakeswap launch at 18:00 UTC
Soft cap 200 BNB
Hard cap 400 BNB
Buy Tax 8% :
2% Reflection - will be redistributed to holders on every buy
2% Development - will be collected for the advancement of the project. A portion of this will be used for marketing.
2% Buyback - will be implemented manually to bring stability to the market.
1% Liquidity - will be added to the pool automatically
1% Charity - will be donated to help with homelessness and help with drugs and alcohol abuse.
Sell tax 14 %
2% Reflection - will be redistributed to holders when there is a sell
8% Buyback - will be used to buyback and burn
2% Development - will be collected for the advancement of the project and a portion of thiswill be used for marketing
1% Liquidity - will be added to the pool automatically
1% Charity - will be donated to help with homelessness and help with drugs and alcohol abuse.
Benefits for holders 🔥 :
1. They have an integrated blacklist function that restricts nonhuman purchases. Once a bot is detected, their system rejects any transactions attempted and fully bans them from the platform.
2. Bagging a reward today can make for an amazing future tomorrow. Participate in their regular competitions and get the chance to win daily airdrops. The airdrops are reserved at 7% of their total supply!
3. With a generous redistributions of reflection, holders will be able to earn passively while holding onto their bags. Holders will get a 2% redistribution on every transaction made.
4. Holders of MRC will be able to stake and earn passive income. Staking will be possible from version two of the Moon Rocket Coin App.
Anti bot & Anti Whale - 🤖 They have implemented a blacklist function to stop bots from buying Max all time buys per wallet - 121,000 (once wallet reaches a max all-time buy of 121,000, they have to use another wallet if they want to buy more tokens) Max sell per transaction 0.01% of total circulation rejected if exceeded.
Reflection and Burn - 🔥Holders of MRC will receive 2% reflection when there's a buy and 2% reflection when there's a sell. Buyback, Development, Charity wallets will not receive redistribution of tokens on each transaction as this function has been stopped for these wallets. When the Buyback function is implemented tokens that are purchased with the Buyback funds 70% of these tokens will be burnt, this will be used to reduce the total supply of the MRC tokens from the market. When the total circulation supply reaches 22 million; there will be no burning of MRC tokens. All burning will cease permanently and, we will stop the Redistribution of the MRC tokens as rewards to holders.
Buyback - 💵Manual Buyback - 8% taxes from sales will be collected and stored in the buyback wallet once the team decides to implement the buyback, tokens (Moon Rocket Coin) will be bought. Below is the breakdown of how the tokens will be dispensed:
70% will be burnt, 20% will be transferred to the development wallet, this will be used for collecting needed funds for new exchange listings. Their goal for the first year is to get listed on as many exchanges as possible, by implementing the above they aim to achieve this goal. 5% will be sent to Charity wallet needed donations to support homelessness 5% will be sent to the Airdrop wallet for community competitions
Join us early🖐 :
Website 🌐 -https://moonrocketcoin.net/
Telegram💬 https://t.me/moonrocketcoin
Note: I am not a financial advisor. These are NFA, remember to Dyor.
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2021.12.05 01:37 Prestigious_Media935 Treasure Hunt by Tyler Beagley

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2021.12.05 01:37 Baaastet Is that a worm or something normal? He’s not in pain, not bothered by it. It’s on the outside of the eye and moves when blinking and seem ‘attached’ to something when I tried to remove it. It’s new, max a day old - he’s an indoor cat that never meet any other animals.

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2021.12.05 01:37 seyjer Hu Tao (Shenhe's Costume) (2250x4000)

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2021.12.05 01:37 bopboom What are your favorite moments in Vagabond?

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2021.12.05 01:37 g3tn0ob How to unlock ultimate difficulty

fifa newcomer here (i play on ps4)
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2021.12.05 01:37 MadOx321 Potentially relocating to Scranton!

Hello Scrantonians! I hope this finds you well!
I am currently living in Reading, PA and am looking to potentially relocate my family to Scranton. I know nobody out there and I'm concerned. I have an interview at Marywood University for a potentially sizable promotion and I am in the process of conducting some research on homes, school districts, culture, crime rates, cost of living, accessibility, and as a bonus, also looking for information on Marywood University as a college and place of employment if anyone is experienced in that department!
I've heard some mixed reviews. The consensus seems like I don't want to live directly in Scranton but perhaps right outside of it in a suburb.
Why are all the houses so cheap? Why do none of them have air conditioning? It seems the crime rate is about 1/30 chance of becoming a victim. In Reading, it's a 1/36 chance so it seems slightly worse in the city there than here, but that's not a problem to me, personally (if that's accurate).
I have a two year old son. What are the demographics like over there? Is he going to be safe in school? Which schools do I want to look toward? Which should I avoid?
I'm looking to buy a multi-family home and rent out a unit or two and live in one myself. They are all like, 250k or cheaper. What's the issue cause that is suuuuper cheap! I also considered the possibility of doing some AirBnB out there since I believe there are ski resorts and such close by and it could be a good location for AirBnB. Any advice/input on this is appreciated as well!
Literally any helpful information is appreciated! Also feel free to DM me if that's more comfortable or easier for anybody.
For some context, Reading PA is a very run down city that is approximately 70% Hispanic and very into drugs and gang violence. The Reading school district is really bad and poor and I want to get out of here ASAP. Shootings at our local Wawa, our local grocery store, etc.
Thank you all and I am looking forward to some responses!
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2021.12.05 01:37 amukydza Anna Mukydza

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2021.12.05 01:37 thermoomter [Uni] early admissions

Hello :)) j2 friends are yall applying for early admissions? especially if ur interested in med/ interview courses! personally im interested in med which doesnt really apply for early apps? but it feels like such a waste to not apply for early admissions now (context i did pretty well in prelims and not sure if i’ll do as well in As tbh hahah)
so basically if i apply for eg. pharm sci now, would it affect my application if i want to go for med after results release (if i can lol)? like would it give a “bad impression” or anything🥴🥴
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2021.12.05 01:37 popcornboiii Biden Burns Trump In EPIC Fashion

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2021.12.05 01:37 ItsThunderCookie BK tacos

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2021.12.05 01:37 FF_Gilgamesh1 Something interesting about the GoW:R trailer is the amount of "bounce" attacks kratos has.

In combat oriented games there's a sort of mechanic where you do an attack, usually a slam or a downward strike, that causes an enemy to "bounce" and puts them in a juggle-state where you can combo them while they're airborne. In god of war 4 a few of kratos's attacks had this property, a good example of such an attack would be in devil may cry 5 special edition, vergil's yamato helmbreaker has bounce-inflicting properties that let you combo an enemy and it also resets their recovery animation and keeps them in knockdown longer, my point being, this is a very fun sort of mechanic that gets used in a lot of character action games/fighting games.
in god of war ragnarok almost every attack you see kratos performing in some way or another inflicts that bounce state, where the enemy bounces off the ground and is jugglable, and you can see it with both the axe and the blades of chaos, and he even follows up by blowing a dude up.
God of war ragnarok's combat is clearly going to be a lot more over the top if this is anything to go by, lots of extra fun value to be had.
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2021.12.05 01:37 AwesomeKitty6842 I told my senior year English teacher that I want to be a teacher in the future and she's so happy that I've realized I'd like to teach.

Title says it all. I emailed M near the end of November (around Thanksgiving) and told her that I filled out a job application for a part-time position at Goodwill. I do mention another English teacher I had when I was a junior in HS and taking World Literature II, we'll call her G.
The second part of this email went like this:
I send this to M

"I just remembered something else I wanted to tell you. I want to be a teacher in the future. Being a teacher in the future is something I had thought about before we met, but I didn't take the idea seriously. As I went through high school, the thought came up more and more, especially during my last two years at HS when I had you and G. Since the thought kept coming up, I became more fond of it and started taking it more seriously. Now, I'm seriously considering going into the profession. So, I want to thank you and G for being my biggest inspirations for making this choice."
I felt really good about this and she responded back with this
"Hi _______, I'm so happy you've realized what you'd like to do - teach! We are happy to be inspirations of yours :) That means a lot."
In my opinion, the one thing every teacher wants (other than appreciation) is to inspire/to be an inspiration for at least one of their students. Something about appreciation I've learned is that it's reciprocal, the student gives appreciation to their teacher then the teacher appreciates their student for appreciating them. I'm (kind of) projecting here based on my experiences with giving my teachers the appreciation they deserve. LMK if you agree with my take here.
I'm thinking about asking her for advice about doing a job interview (when I eventually do an interview for the part-time position at Goodwill) and I also want to ask her for advice about teaching since I plan on going into it. She's being very supportive. I'll say that I plan on going to community college to study Secondary Ed and the two subjects I'm torn between getting a degree for, (English (which she teaches) and Science) for my associate's degree.
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2021.12.05 01:37 ContentForager2 Being a noob is hard. (/r/theHunter)

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2021.12.05 01:37 BrianNice23 lowering model 3 stealth

Hi Folks, I would like to lower my M3 stealth, have the 19th wheels from Tesla.
I am not looking to track the car. Just want it lowered, nothing aggressive and want to talk the least risky option. Would be grateful for any advice on
- which part I should get?
- do I need to change the camber?
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2021.12.05 01:37 PracticalStranger317 damn what a mom...to All the Ape mom's holding GME...a true gamer

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