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Russian Blue Identification

2021.12.05 01:08 AudioSoot Russian Blue Identification

Russian Blues are around 25 cm in height to the shoulder. Their average weight is 5kgs., although some individuals will be bigger or smaller than this, depending on their lifestyle, feeding habits, and how active they are.
Their average lifespan is 10-15 years. Their eyes have a distinctive green-yellow colour, they have a distinctive triangular wedge-shaped head. The coat is the distinctive silvery-grey colour although it is often characterised as blue. When you look closely at the individual hairs you will see they are usually tipped with a ver light gray to white colour.
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2021.12.05 01:08 cryptotraderswho 🚀 Moon Rocket Coin Presale | 🔥 Launching $MRC on Pinksale 6th December ( Tomorrow ) | 💎 2 Exchanges already signed | More Exchange Listings Will Come | 📅 DApp , Staking , Charity , Anti-bot , Anti whale | KYCed & Audited | 🤑 This is the next 1000x Moon Rocket Coin | Join Right Now

Moon Rocket Coin ( $MRC ) is a decentralized token created on the Binance Smart Chain to maximize returns to investors. With a team of crypto experts leading the cause, MRC strives to be the next revolution in the realm of blockchain. Their creators have studied the markets for a long time, uncovering what it takes to launch a resilient coin with promising potential.
With amazing tokenomics and huge marketing approach they already have 2 exchanges ( Coinsbit. io and Coinsbit. in ) signed before token release. 🎉 📅 6 December : Pinksale launchpad at 16:00 UTC
📅 7 December DEX Pancakeswap launch at 18:00 UTC
Soft cap 200 BNB
Hard cap 400 BNB
Buy Tax 8% :
2% Reflection - will be redistributed to holders on every buy
2% Development - will be collected for the advancement of the project. A portion of this will be used for marketing.
2% Buyback - will be implemented manually to bring stability to the market.
1% Liquidity - will be added to the pool automatically
1% Charity - will be donated to help with homelessness and help with drugs and alcohol abuse.
Sell tax 14 %
2% Reflection - will be redistributed to holders when there is a sell
8% Buyback - will be used to buyback and burn
2% Development - will be collected for the advancement of the project and a portion of thiswill be used for marketing
1% Liquidity - will be added to the pool automatically
1% Charity - will be donated to help with homelessness and help with drugs and alcohol abuse.
Benefits for holders 🔥 :
1. They have an integrated blacklist function that restricts nonhuman purchases. Once a bot is detected, their system rejects any transactions attempted and fully bans them from the platform.
2. Bagging a reward today can make for an amazing future tomorrow. Participate in their regular competitions and get the chance to win daily airdrops. The airdrops are reserved at 7% of their total supply!
3. With a generous redistributions of reflection, holders will be able to earn passively while holding onto their bags. Holders will get a 2% redistribution on every transaction made.
4. Holders of MRC will be able to stake and earn passive income. Staking will be possible from version two of the Moon Rocket Coin App.
Anti bot & Anti Whale - 🤖 They have implemented a blacklist function to stop bots from buying Max all time buys per wallet - 121,000 (once wallet reaches a max all-time buy of 121,000, they have to use another wallet if they want to buy more tokens) Max sell per transaction 0.01% of total circulation rejected if exceeded.
Reflection and Burn - 🔥Holders of MRC will receive 2% reflection when there's a buy and 2% reflection when there's a sell. Buyback, Development, Charity wallets will not receive redistribution of tokens on each transaction as this function has been stopped for these wallets. When the Buyback function is implemented tokens that are purchased with the Buyback funds 70% of these tokens will be burnt, this will be used to reduce the total supply of the MRC tokens from the market. When the total circulation supply reaches 22 million; there will be no burning of MRC tokens. All burning will cease permanently and, we will stop the Redistribution of the MRC tokens as rewards to holders.
Buyback - 💵Manual Buyback - 8% taxes from sales will be collected and stored in the buyback wallet once the team decides to implement the buyback, tokens (Moon Rocket Coin) will be bought. Below is the breakdown of how the tokens will be dispensed:
70% will be burnt, 20% will be transferred to the development wallet, this will be used for collecting needed funds for new exchange listings. Their goal for the first year is to get listed on as many exchanges as possible, by implementing the above they aim to achieve this goal. 5% will be sent to Charity wallet needed donations to support homelessness 5% will be sent to the Airdrop wallet for community competitions
Join us early🖐 :
Website 🌐 -https://moonrocketcoin.net/
Telegram💬 https://t.me/moonrocketcoin
Note: I am not a financial advisor. NFA, Always Dyor.
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2021.12.05 01:08 enslavednotslave I'm kind of lost in our research. What to do?

Hello, everyone! I hope all is well. I'm looking for somebody to help me with our current research. We're conducting a case study, in which we specified in the research design that we're going to utilize a descriptive case study research design. However, we've been having trouble as to whether to take all a particular section of a program (a class that's about 34 students) or choose a single participant for our study. We initially planned to take all that one section and then use thematic analysis as our data analysis method, but then we were given suggestions to just choose one participant and then find another analysis method appropriate for a study with one participant only. What do you think should we do?
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2021.12.05 01:08 big-floof What PS5 games do you recommend?

I don't regret getting my PS5 at all, but to be honest it has been sitting quietly in the corner most of this year waiting for next years games to drop. The exclusive PS5 games I own are Miles Morales and Rift apart, most others I owned on PS4 and played the free upgrade versions.
Im looking for some PS5 exclusive games, but if theres anything out there thats worth getting on PS5 over PC also let me know. I have my eyes on Kena right now. I would like to try Demons Souls but I suck at souls games and dont know if I would enjoy it. Returnal looks interesting but I'm unsure if I'd like it.
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2021.12.05 01:08 Derais616 Gwd1 rework

I'd kill for this idea to get unshelved. Id love to be able to go there again and have some sort of challenge and reason other than just the major drops regular drops are absolute trash anymore). I only go there if I get nex reaper or arma reaper anymore. Bandos, zilyana, and Kril are 3 hits a dead kind of bosses anymore. something about the first dungeon always felt right tho. the monsters fighting, getting the levels to enter each dungeon, finding out nex was underneath in a locked room with a key you had to fight for from each boss, classic. absolutely classic. And the 07 scape update just happened where they finally got their version of nex in the game finally really made me start to think about it. idk
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2021.12.05 01:08 Aramyle Wilderlands of High Fantasy setting books

Does anyone know where I can get my hands on the Player's Guide to the Wilderlands or City State of the Invincible Overlord pdfs? I've searched everywhere and can't find them for sale. Taking a dive into the setting and really enjoying it.
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2021.12.05 01:08 kenistod The Crow, Me, Photography, 2021

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2021.12.05 01:08 SHAMANOFTHEALIKE What do you want to eat right now?

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2021.12.05 01:08 AtypicalNiK Linkin Park - Rhinestone [Extracted Sounds + Link] - Xero

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2021.12.05 01:08 reds_sus_ngl Ok then

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2021.12.05 01:08 Environmental-Ad2589 Plsssss help me choose

Vakarri ✨ isphyxia✨-asphyxia eshyxia ✨ asphkxia✨ dyxania✨- dysania dysanea✨ demzntia✨- dementia dysxnea✨- dyspnea dyspneia✨ Which one should I pick
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2021.12.05 01:08 YURTPAPI WHERE HE GO?!

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2021.12.05 01:08 Whole_Lawyer_8348 2nd pic is 12 days later

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2021.12.05 01:08 ineedsomehelp1456 my friend is self-harming

my friend is harming herself, we hung out today and she had sh all over her arms.
i'm very worried and i'm not sure what to do
any advice? she has a psychologist but i do not think they're helping (parents are very dissmissive)
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2021.12.05 01:08 Dakattack421 Jennifer Gray - Dec. 1, 2017

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2021.12.05 01:08 artbykaran Graphite and Charcoal Drawing on 2'x2' size paper ❤️

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2021.12.05 01:08 PIX3LY Daily Challenge Question - Complete 1 Race in a Course

How do you unlock this challenge for 50xp? I could swear it was just race 1 time in any course, but I've raced several times in quick race, and online matches, but that one challenge is still not completed.
Am I missing something here or is this one bugged?
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2021.12.05 01:08 whinylexie piadas sexuais com crianças e animais são erradas?

eu seria hipócrita se eu dissesse que são, porque amo south park, mas tem um limite, eu só não consigo lembrar desse limite de cabeça
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2021.12.05 01:08 whywasinamedrose I really can't explain why, but this song gives me SUCH strong TUA vibes. Anyone hear it too or am I just weird?

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2021.12.05 01:08 snorkles01 $35 a good price for this mouse?

I'm moving on from Razer after having quality issues with my DA Elite V2 (really creaky plastic body and some issues with the buttons). Looking for a solid wired mouse right now to replace it without spending a ton.
Has anyone used this HyperX Pulsefire? Is it good quality and is $35 a good price for it?: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B9TVQ82/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
If anyone has similar mice around the same price to recommend as well that's great, thanks! Again don't want to spend a ton but up to like $50 right now is fine. Prefer medium to larger mice as I have fairly large hands.
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2021.12.05 01:08 fantasticarl What is the name of the "thing" a hammerhead-shark has on his head?

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2021.12.05 01:08 Fun_Tip7467 Am I sabotaging any hope to have another relationship with my ex-husband?

This will probably be long. TL;DR how can i help repair my relationship with my ex who wants to repair the relationship too and does it even sound worth it?
Backstory: N and I got married in 2010, moved overseas for his job and within 6 months I was pregnant and suffered a miscarriage. First of many. We buried ourselves in work and when I'd bring up going to doctors for answers he'd always say he didn't want to be a father right now and we'll figure it out later. I told him im one of our conversations that didn't end in him yelling that I didn't want to begin finding answers by the time I was 30 and wanted to finish having children by that time. 7 years go by, I'm 30, 6+ miscarriages, pages of tests, 10 doctors later and I'm fighting with him to get a semen test while he's adamant I never told him "no kids after I'm 30" so he feels rushed (but apparently not enough to make dr appointments by himself in a good timeframe).
We moved to the states after nearly 10 years and that's when he was able to get to a doctor and we find out he was sterile. His semen count had been dwindling for the years I kept asking him to get to a doctor while he was telling me "we'll figure it out later. We have time". We needed IVF in the end and for all the years I put my body through reproductive hormones, tests, docrors and schedules and him telling me that he wants kids and do what we can to have them, at the mention of semen bank and hiskids won't biologically cone from him and a $25,000 loan he says it's not worth it to have kids.
Around this time my cousin, grandma, and step mom pass away and I'm in a bad emotional place. I go into therapy and beg him to go too. He doesn't. I do and get into a better headspace. A few months after the deaths (no funerals because 2020) I get pictures of my childhood my grandma had and while N and I are sitting at the dining room table I mouth vomit repressed memories and share my dad's mom telling me how to become anorexic at 10, groomed by a neighbor around the same age, r@ped at 16 and drugged and r@ped at 19.
I thought he was emotionally being there in that moment with me. I was so wrong. I had taken out his phone without me knowing while I was crying and being vulnerable and was scrolling through memes. He started laughing out loud while I was crying telling him about being r@ped. He immediately apologized and I shut down. Days later I told him I was hurt by what he did. He bought me an apology card and told me , "I thought you got over it. I said i was sorry." I drove to my family's states away for a month. He rarely called, didn't try to repair anything, and he told me he wasn't sure if I was even coming back. I fucked up on that trip. I dropped acid for the first time and had sex with someone I'd known for 17 years. A few days later I drove back home. N was watching a tv show and a good part was coming up when I opened the door and I unpacked for 30 minutes before he got up off the couch.
I never told him about my infidelity. The day after I came back I told him i didn't feel like he was happy. That I've been telling him our marriage was a dead bedroom, we needed help, we needed to be friends again, we needed therapy and he always fought my. Even some things he asked me to do for him he'd always yell at me for doing them. For years. Any time I'd try to communicate with him he would yell. I told him i wanted him to be happy with or without me and it was divorce or therapy. He told me to "choose yourself and get the fuck out then". For a few hours I was numb. In the bathroom trying to think of the next step- leave. He knocked on the door hours later and said he'd look into a therapist.
2 weeks go by and we go to a marriage counseling session. I said i was more out than in the marriage. He said fuck it, fighting isn't worth it and filed for divorce that day. I gave up. I didn't fight for anything. I had no fight left after years of trying to save our one sided marriage. He, months later,told me that he didn't know our marriage was that bad and didn't think I'd actually leave.
Current: we still talk and still love one another. We live States away, and he still refuses to do the one thing i want- therapy. So, i bought relationship game cards and via zoom we play the games as best as possible. I have been noticing I'm bringing up past issues that I think are important to resolve or talk about while he is much more open to calmly discussing things but we don't really come to a resolution. I like a partner who asks me about my day, who's excited to tell me about their day and we're eager to talk to each other. I feel like he's saying he wants us to work on a relationship but we're doing the same things from our marriage- him getting lost in video games and work and me pushing for his attention.
How do I feel satisfied in what he's giving if I'm still having to do the research for relationship help, open up conversations, and telling him what I hope to see while he's not helping "us" along too?
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2021.12.05 01:08 yellow_tourmaline Help!

So I acsidentily blew up robins axe Will it respawn or have a screwed up completely?
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2021.12.05 01:08 gu773rm0u7h07 what is a shower thought that makes your head hurt?

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2021.12.05 01:08 gemandrailfan94 Adaptation idea I had!

So I have a crazy idea, for a TUGS related project, it’ll probably never happen, but here me out,
There’s a stage play (from the mind of Andrew Lloyd Webber no less) called Starlight Express, the characters are trains and the entire cast performs on roller skates to simulate how trains are on wheels. Early in development, it was supposed to be based on The Railway Series, but that idea was dropped when Awdry refused to allow it.
That gives me an idea,
Imagine a play based on or inspired by TUGS that’s done entirely in a specially made/modified pool? If train characters are on skates, than boat characters should be in the water logically. Either the water is shallow enough to stand in and/or the cast members have special floating costumes.
Set pieces could be floating or have an underwater chassis (like the actual TUGS models) and you could definitely have some interesting lighting and pyro effects.
Thoughts? This’ll probably never happen, but it’s a neat idea!
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