Horny Boi

2021.10.23 14:15 _chicken_nuggie_ Horny Boi

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2021.10.23 14:15 adventuremachinesc $397 (USD) to Ecuador (UIO) from Reno / Tahoe (RNO) - (1224 live dates, details in first comment)

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2021.10.23 14:15 EnfieldCunningham Looking for co op partner

Need the trophy and will help with any trophies you may need PSN razanoth43
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2021.10.23 14:15 goobuddy After sex she asks "So what are we?" what do you say? - Love the transition from bloodhound to eminem.

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2021.10.23 14:15 Distinct-Finding-515 Umbrella Datalog: William Afton's files #1

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2021.10.23 14:15 GOTV2020 Tatuaje Cojonu 2012. Such a brilliant blend, on the fuller/spicier side of things, but a joy. Maybe toothiest wrapper I’ve ever smoked.

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2021.10.23 14:15 InternationalEbb4067 Um can I Get a Volume check. Check volume activity 1…… test test….. check volume activity 2….. test test. Looks like it’s going up.

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2021.10.23 14:15 Pyro2021 GMGI Golden Matrix

GMGI Golden Matrix
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2021.10.23 14:15 adventuremachinesc $397 (USD) to Ecuador (UIO) from Reno / Tahoe (RNO) - (1224 live dates, details in first comment)

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2021.10.23 14:15 DevilwayDenil I would like to add Emil here to play the piano [Deadly Premonition Direct Cut Steam version]

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2021.10.23 14:15 sadphonics On vacation in Florida and I found these at a big lots

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2021.10.23 14:15 ZeenozPlays01 Least Used Stations | F Train - Bay Parkway

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2021.10.23 14:15 SixForfiter Injured T

About 2 weeks ago my N.chromatus got injured in his abdomen quite badly but she is still alive and does not look that bad but i still have few concerns

  1. she is twitching a little bit while walking
  2. she refuses to eat ( she does not even go into defencive stance but she only runs away from food )
Do you have any tips? how to help her ?
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2021.10.23 14:15 blue-moon-motel i rnmrb i did a selfie thrdD once tht had like 200 comments

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2021.10.23 14:15 Dry_Breadfruit9236 ..........

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2021.10.23 14:15 Strudwick Impulse bought a job lot and now have my first two HW35 cars. Overpaid in hindsight so trying to inhale some copium

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2021.10.23 14:15 nizidafabie Someone's on menstruation patrol

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2021.10.23 14:15 mtp6921 This self proclaimed loner may not have to seek holiday seasonal work this year

The life of being a loner eats away at my sole.
Nobody cares who you are, where you live or even if your alive.
When I lose a job, I sometimes have to stay at a homeless shelter, which is nothing more than a haven for people with mental health and drug issues. I sometimes like to think I’m better than them but at least the drug addicts talk to each other and the schizophrenics talk to themselves, where I have no one to talk with.
I never grew out of my shyness and when my mother died, I had no one else in my life.
I really have nothing to offer females. There’s nothing about me that says “I want his baby.”
I’m 5’5, balding, with a bad stutter.
I sometimes think if you line up a bunch of really big Swiss cheese blocks, for some people all the holes will line up and they’ll just walk right through them. For me, I wouldn’t even be able to find a hole in the Swiss cheese.
Maybe if I just would of stuck with wrestling, which is a good sport for short guys, then at least I would be an average guy, but now I’m so exponentially distanced from even being considered average.
Holidays don’t mean anything to me other than during Christmas, where at least I can find seasonal work, However I can’t even collect unemployment for the seasonal work, when I get laid off.
I don’t even know why I bother getting up most days. I have little purpose other than figuring out where my next meal is coming from.
Today is my last day working at a meat packing plant that I’ve worked at for the past two months. I met no one at the job and the only interaction I had was when my supervisor would tell me to hurry up.
I get on the 69th street subway station which goes towards Frankford avenue, where I’ve been renting a one bedroom apartment for $400 a month.
The train car is nearly empty at 5:00 pm. Fortunately, most muggers look at me and think that I’m not even worth robbing.
There’s a man whose well into his 80’s, a woman a few years younger than him and a teenager, all in the same subway car as me.
As usual, none of us bother to interact amongst each other.
About half way through the ride, the elderly man slumps forward and lands head first on the floor motionless.
None of us yell out, but the older woman gets up out of her seat and assesses the motionless man.
She checks for his pulse and yells “he has no pulse!” She then points to me and the teenager and says “call 911!”
I don’t have a phone because I can’t afford one so the teenager calls 911.
The train makes an emergency stop at the next station. EMS gets on board and they assess the man, where I hear them say “he’s dead!” to each other, but protocol forced them to continue to do CPR and administer atropine until they get to the hospital.
They take the man off the train and the train resumes.
The two other passengers get off at their stops and I look around the car and realize that I’m the only one left.
As I look around, I see what looks like a typed out report or a book under the seat, where the elderly man died.
I pick up the untitled, typed out manuscript and read the first paragraph. “This book details the life I lived, the crimes I committed, and the money I have hidden …”.
I see the words “ … money I have hidden” and I feel like I won the lottery.
I decide to read a little more of the book “ … my father was a burnt out alcohol fueled WW1 veteran, who saw my mother and us kids as his physical and emotional punching bag … I was born during the depression and there would be some days that I didn’t eat as a growing kid. … I turned to petty theft as a teenager … eventually my minor assaults had turned into murders. I hid the stolen money in air vents and in basements of the peoples homes, I victimized. I was married with kids and I didn’t want to draw suspicion unto myself. …”
Some of the things the guy has written seemed a little grandiose and illogical, like “ … I was the smartest and the best athlete in Philadelphia” and how he hid the money in the people’s homes he victimized all around Philadelphia.
Why would anyone want to return to the scene of a crime, especially if he murdered people in those homes? I think to myself.
I think this manuscript is a fairwell to his children who seems like they mutually broke away from each other related to the “abusive tendencies I learned from my father.”
The guys name is “Frank Maconelly” and I think his intent was for his kids to read this manuscript and retrieve his “hidden treasure.”
He listed some addresses of the homes and my stomach sank when I realized that they were in the most awful parts of Philadelphia.
If anyone has ever seen the movie “Rocky” which was filmed in Philadelphia, they would see working class gritty neighborhoods. However, those same neighborhoods are now stone cold ghettos that most people have no reason to drive through.
I remember even hearing someone complain on the subway that “even my GPS knew not to take me through Kensington when Route-1 was closed.
Frank used the words “life changing money and jewelry” when he referred to the places where he stashed the money. Is he talking about life changing money in 1960’s terms which might be $5,000 or is talking about five or six figures worth of money in each house? I think to myself.
This is by far the biggest thrill that I have ever had in my life.
As exciting as this adventure seems, this Frank character seems like he was a stoned cold murderer and quite frankly a serial killer, whose crimes were never linked together or to him.
He goes on to say that he remembered “begging ‘these’ people for food when he was a kid and they would look at me like a rat …”.
I’m not sure if he had targeted specific people or that he was trying to justify his murderous actions to his kids.
The really disturbing parts are when he writes “at first I tried to avoid killing children, however as time went on, I realized that they were giving the police descriptions of me, so I had no choice to kill them as well…”.
Who would do such evil things and then go onto to write about it like he was justifying his actions? Why would you ever want anyone to know what you did and especially your own kids? I think to myself.
Though I’m a penniless loser, my mother did raise me to have scruples, so I’m torn whether or not I should turn over this confessional manuscript to the police. Another part of me, also thinks that I’m committing a crime if I don’t turn over this information to the police.
The thought of me looking forward to working at some retail store, when they start hiring for seasonal help, almost makes me throw up thinking how pathetic it is to be looking forward to making minimum wage.
I see one of the addresses is on Firth street in Kensington which is a few miles from where I rent now.
I’m currently renting in the borderline neighborhood of Frankford, but just going a few blocks over to where Kensington begins is like the difference between Switzerland and Afghanistan.
I keep telling myself that this will be my only and last opportunity to ever come across the potential of having money.
I finally decide to put the manuscript in my backpack and go to my apartment to get my bike.
I’m having mixed emotions and trepidation about casing out this home.
I get on my laptop in my apartment and get the directions to Firth street.
Just getting on my 15 year old laptop and using my “free” wifi that is as fast as Tony Soprano running a marathon, I feel more justified to pursue this hidden money adventure.
I start peddling towards firth street and already I see trash littered all over the streets and sidewalks.
Just about everyone walking has a cigarette in their hands or In their mouths.
I see crack addicted women, who barely resemble being human beings on every other block, willing to do anything for $5.
Riding through this neighborhood is already making me change my mind. I feel like I will get stopped by the police for being in this neighborhood, because they’ll think I’m looking for or selling drugs and then they’ll discover my manuscript and I’ll go to jail.
The sad part about this neighborhood is these Victorian looking homes are really run down but they have really good bones. Whoever built these homes, put the extra effort in them to put in turret style windows and ornate siding.
I could see how at one time people with money lived here, which validates more of Frank’s manuscript.
I finally get to Firth street and I’m scared out of my mind. I feel like I will be attacked by the gangs of young men who litter the streets or robbed by some crack fein.
I arrive at the house Frank mentioned in his manuscript. There is a group of adult men hanging out on the porch a couple houses down from this address of 1457 Firth Street. For all I know, one of the men lives in this house that I’m looking at.
The house definitely looks like someone with money lived here at one time, but now it looks like multiple people might live here, where one of the windows is boarded up with ply wood.
I really stand out like a sore thumb, sitting on my bike looking at the house.
A rough looking man comes out of 1457 and says “what are you looking at?”
I really feel like a lost cowboy in Indian territory.
“Umm” is the only thing I can say because I have no plan on how I was going to get into the house.
“You looking for blow or for dust?” He then says to me.
I really have no idea what either of those things are but I assume their drugs but I shake my head yes, regardless.
“You got money?” The guy asks me again.
And I mumble out “yes.”
Though I’m a male, everything about my petrified demeanor is just welcoming this guy and everyone else to rob or even rape me.
He motions for me to come into the house, which I guess is a partial success.
According to Frank’s manuscript the hidden jewelry and cash was stowed away in the beams above the oil heater in the basement.
I reluctantly walk slowly into the house.
The imminent threat of walking into what I’m assuming is a crack house, made me forget that a man, woman and two children were murdered in this house.
I follow the guy and walk up the dilapidated steps and then I assume that I’m supposed to follow the guy into the house.
The smell of filth and probably the decay of dead rodents seeps into my nostrils.
I really feel like I should turn around and run away as I step on used hypodermic needles and every other imaginable type of debris on the floor.
“So you want blow or dust?”
I try to think what will be the better of the two evils and I say “dust.”
“$20” he says to me in a stern voice.
Typically, giving away $20 of my money would be like taking away a pacifier from a toddler, however I would probably give this guy whatever he wants in exchange for letting me live.
“I’m guessing you ain’t got a pipe!” He says to me in a pissed off tone.
He puts the “dust” in a pipe and lights it.
“Hit it” he tells me.
I put the disgusting looking communal pipe into my mouth and I take a hit.
I instantly get a rush to my head that I’ve never experienced before. I’m not sure if it’s a good feeling or a bad feeling but I feel like my brain is completely overloaded.
I really can’t stand up as the man starts to laugh at me.
I lean against the wall and slide down to the floor.
Everything seems like a blur to me as if I’m hallucinating and dreaming at the same time.
I see vague images of people rifling through my pockets and looking through my backpack for whatever valuables I have.
I really start to freak out because I have no control over my body or my mind.
I just lay on the ground motionless as drug addict after drug addict takes whatever I have.
My mind then pictures two little girls being chased around the house by a knife wielding man. I can hear them screaming followed by the yells of their mother.
I really just wish one of these drug addicts would just kill me as I can’t take these images going on in my head anymore.
My mind then pictures this same family having dinner around a table, where Frank, who looks like a salesman is sitting with them.
I picture Frank casually picking up his dinner knife and slitting the father’s throat, followed by the yells of terror coming from the wife and the kids.
My chest and lungs start to move back and forth really fast as I start to hyperventilate. Then my mind goes blank and I pass out.
Eventually I’m awaken by some guy pissing on me as I lay on the floor of the house.
My brain is so depleted that I don’t even yell at the man to stop. He finishes peeing and leaves the house. My jeans and sweatshirt are doused in piss and I have no idea how long I was passed out for.
Whatever that “dust” was, has me feeling void of everything. However, the reason for me being here slowly comes back and I force myself to stand up and look for the basement.
I guess I kind of blend in more now that I’m covered in piss and I have a drugged out look on my face, I think to myself.
I see what looks like a basement door and I make my way slowly to the door. I feel like I’ve been beating up with baseball bats as it might be a possibility considering I have no idea what happened to me when I was passed out on the floor.
I open the basement door and I say “oh God” as I have no idea what awaits me.
My joints hurt so much, which allows me to only move in a slow pace down the stairs.
The basement is really dark where I can barely see anything as I walk down.
Giving the fact that I’m covered in piss and my whole body aches, I really don’t care if someone or something tries to harm me.
As I get to the bottom of the steps, I see three windows which are producing a small amount of faint light.
I actually see a big oval metal container that looks like a submarine that I figure must be the oil tank that Frank mentioned in his manuscript.
I hear rodents scurrying around, as I figure out how to get on top of the oil heater.
With no other means available, I awkwardly and painfully climb on top of the oil tank.
Above the oil tank, I see that there are three open areas where the horizontal wooden support beams meet the rock foundation of the house.
Typically there would be no way in hell that I would reach into the dark open areas in between the beams, however all of my inhibitions have been taken away from overdosing and being pissed on.
I reach as far as I could into the fist space and I pull out nothing more than what looks and feels like an old rats nest.
I feel really disgusting, but it doesn’t stop me from reaching into the second space.
I feel nothing as I reach my arm as far as I could.
I then go to the last open space and reach as far as I can, where I think to myself if there’s nothing here, then I’m just going to lay on this basement floor and let the rats eat me.
I continued to reach as far as I can, then my finger tips feel something that feels like metal or something.
I pull it out and what I see looks like an old WW2 ammunition metal container.
My brain is finally filled with some type of hope as I open this really heavy container.
“Holy crap” I say out loud as I pull out a bar of gold that feels like it weighs close to a pound. I’m astonished as I see that there’s other jewelry as well in the container.
This is really a small fortune, I think to myself, as I can’t stop smiling.
The whole container must way close to 40 pounds, which I stuff into my backpack.
I’m surprised that I even see the manuscript that wasn’t stolen, which is really nothing more than a macabre treasure map to me.
The metal container is too long, where I can’t zipper up my backpack.
I look out the basement window and I don’t see my bike.
“You have to be kidding me!” I say out loud as I have no idea how I’m getting out of this neighborhood or even out of this house.
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2021.10.23 14:15 051fathead Ballout says hes from the O in "Bandz" by SD..

What do you guys think about this?.. does he claim being from there as well as the lam.. or just rlly was shouting the O out?
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2021.10.23 14:15 Nursena68 How would you rate Halloween Kills and why? (SPOILERS)

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2021.10.23 14:15 Drugged_Teen_345 Has anyone had a sleep study that showed anything?

I am just curious if anyone who has had insomnia as one of your protracted withdrawal issues gotten a sleep study that showed anything.
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2021.10.23 14:15 Grimn1r91 98 vs 2006

Going to look at 2 wranglers , both sports models. The 98 has 89k miles and the 2006 has 130k. Anyone care to offer opinions or thoughts for me?
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2021.10.23 14:15 tutnaruto Kanojo Okarishimasu is getting the lead color pages of Shonen Magazine issue 49, with an addition of 4 color pages and the character popularity poll results. The current arc will enter in its climax in that issue

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2021.10.23 14:15 UnrealNine Please GGG, allow us to use the Invisible buff effect on Rage and similar stuff...

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2021.10.23 14:15 NowAlexYT [Java] Can i migrate to a different gmail?

So i have my Mojang account on one gmail adress and my Microsoft account on another. Can i cross migrate or something?
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