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2021.10.23 13:35 ConcernedProspect Judge Me

Judge Me Hey! Here's a list of all of the schools I plan to apply to. Try to assume something about my character, this should be fun.

List of Schools
I've also already been accepted to Nichols, Concord, and Park. Make an assumption about me, I'm curious.
Also if you have any comments about any of the schools feel free to comment as well! :)
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2021.10.23 13:35 Rvcatmom A pain doctor that is an amazing human/genius?

Hi folks!
My husband and I traveled full time until he hurt his back hiking down in Ashland OR this May. The pain increased and we decided to stay in Portland OR while we got his pain fixed. What we thought would be a simple procedure has turned into extensive blood work, 3 MRIs, 3 xrays, injections, consults with two GPs (shoutout to Dr Komisarz who has treated my partner like a human and not a drug seeking addict), a spine surgeon, a neurologist, a "pain therapist", a regular therapist, and a pain management specialist. None of them can figure out where the pain is coming from, and he is deteriorating before my eyes. Constant whole body muscle spasms, exhaustion, nausea from the pain, stabbing nerve pain, and he can't sleep or eat. Without a diagnosis nobody knows what to do to treat him. Can anyone recommend a pain doctor in the area that has worked miracles? We know zero people in the state and have never felt so lost or alone. Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.23 13:35 _ProvencalLeGaulois_ Do you know of any VFX companies in the Uk that trains people?

Hi everyone,
There is MPC’s academy in Canada and Rodeo’s Ranch for roto and prep also in Canada. Do you know of anything similar in the Uk?
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2021.10.23 13:35 RLCD-Bot [Chikara GXT] [Cobalt Dune-Sweeper] [Wave Rave] [Agasaya: Inverted]

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2021.10.23 13:35 StarshooterC Is this a good team?

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2021.10.23 13:35 psychcaptain British Aldi Fan?

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2021.10.23 13:35 Embarrassed_Two568 [FREE] Roc Marciano x Drumless Type Beat - “Gun Bop" | SHEETGHXST

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2021.10.23 13:35 PassengerOk3837 Why is it suddenly so damn cold!? 🇬🇧

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2021.10.23 13:35 Pineapple_bull ~20% BINANCE.US REFERRAL CODE~

20% Binance.US Referral code.
Feel free to use link below or enter 54077303. Happy trading everyone!
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2021.10.23 13:35 zeanex_14 anyone need a mans, I got you (dating chow)

Ight ladest (that's female for lads), my mate is a massive virgin and he wants a gamer girlfriend to call his own. So I am hosting a love or host type show called it "Match Up". (Nothing serious its all for content). It will consist of a few different segments including speed dating, pick up line and more. I know its a bit of a strange request but if you are interested let me know here or discord zeanex_14#6152 or the host ollie#5421. Must be 18+ as the victim (I mean contestant LOL) is 18. Let me know if you're interested!
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2021.10.23 13:35 MrAnimeWeirdo What are some reasons why people regret getting their tattoos?

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2021.10.23 13:35 UpwindManager18 Requesting r/Yubo - Currently has no mods

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2021.10.23 13:35 ViolyntFemme Etsy Monthly Checklist

X-posted to EtsySellers
Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew of a monthly shop to-do/review checklist either for free or for purchase that I could use to make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks. I work full time and am writing a novel in addition to my etsy shop (I like to stay busy, or as my husband puts it, run myself into the ground) so with my time budgeted down to the last 10 minute increment (non-practicing attorney, lol), I want to make sure I'm maximizing my time when I'm working on my shop, and that I'm also hitting all the important tasks I need to do each month until they become second nature. I did a google search but all i found was etsy shops selling monthly to do lists for things like housework and the like. Thanks!
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2021.10.23 13:35 Ethos493 With Battlegrounds being merged with vanguard strikes into a single game mode, Vanguard Operations. Will the battleground weapons be incorporated into the vanguard lootpool or will they be going away?

Is there any information about it?
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2021.10.23 13:35 Relative_Succotash36 CAN YOU HAVE 2 miners in same house

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2021.10.23 13:35 AA_NerdGirl In HBP, what was that hand movement Dumbledore did when Harry was pouring the Tom Riddle memory in the pensieve??

My initial thought was some kind of sound proof barrier spell so nobody could hear if Harry screamed or something...
What was that?
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2021.10.23 13:35 RedFishBlueFish22 Happy Scorpio season! 🦂 Good luck to everyone pulling for Trey, Jade & Floyd!

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2021.10.23 13:35 LilWizard32 Chapter critique

A novel that I've been working on would love some criticism. Especially this chapter, thank you :) It's a mix of sci fi and fantasy so descriptions might be confusing.

The ceiling was a messy patchwork threaded with a single needle. Its light revealed rows of ancient knowledge. There were Cracks in the cement and walls . Basked in the light, on top of an enormous rock was a pubescent. A bunch of old soft covers laid by his side. His eyes were buried in paperback. A phantom materialized through the shadows. A white cloak straightened down to his pants. On his back was a massive mechanism with a long pole like structure. It's singular blue eye motionless.
"Billy, come we must move on" The phantom called. Its voice echoed throughout the abandoned library.
"Coming Mr. Adam. Just a moment" Billy stuffed his book , the locks latched at the press of a blue button. And drowned his hair with a white helmet . He climbed down, his backpack rumbled.
"Have you learned the basics of hex formulas?" Adam glared, his hands behind his back.
"Yeah, I think so. So long as you know what the material is made of and what it should look like. It can be created"
"Created by what?"
"The long neck thingys on our backs. uh-" Billy looked down.
"Yeah that"
"Fair enough. Remember the terminology and you may just survive"
Light blurred their vision. A glimpse through covered fingers were century old trees and decaying leaves. Billy lifted his visor to take in the scenery. He smiled at the passing nanobugs. They clanked with each step . At a crossroads was a reedlike wooden path. Beneath it a long stream. Adam picked up a piece of wood. And raised it to the serpent's head. Blue retinas expanded rays of light. Dropping the piece, Adam stepped forward and closed his eyes. He extended his right arm, his left on his head. Flashes erupted creating solid wood.
"Intense concentration is needed. Remember that" Adam said.
"Incredible!" Billy's smiled.
The path grew narrow, trees lessened and finally they were outside. A road sign greeted their exit, on it were inscribed titles. 'Chessington', 'Traxladore and 'Velcut'. They moved west towards Traxladore. Ancient stone ground buried by nature trampled on. Billy looked down trying to decipher the sigils.
"They're elvish" Adam noticed.
"Elvish? but these are ancient!" Billy said amazed.
"Indeed" Adam smiled. "These sigils were written by fairies. Precursors to modern elves"
"Do fairies still exist?"
"Aw I would've liked a fairy friend" Billy sulked.
They passed old cybernetic columns. Once great forts now reduced to cracked stone and desecrated wires. The air dimmed along their trek. Foam covered the sky and washed away all sunlight. Growls lurked in the bushes. Billy sped up, standing close to Adam. He gripped his straps scouring the tall grasses and wide bushes. A massive oak tree stood at the end of the path. As tall as the library and as wide a small house in Traxladore. Creaks in the wood and ruffling leaves. The tree expanded to two times its previous height. Two wide pairs of legs and arms stretched. Its antlers decorated with red leaves.
"Hello there Benford" Adam said.
Massive yellow eyes stared, Inside it looked to be series of various code. "Blaine Adam. The famous conjurer of Krigain. Known for your use of various unknown hex formulas. A danger to any place he visits. What do you accomplish here?"
"Supplies and a place to sleep Benford. No need for pleasantries or the tiresome welcoming"
"I follow my code Blaine the conjurer. Who is this child?" Its eyes pierced Billy's fragile demeanor. "Nothing appears in the database. A rogue?"
"No. My pupil and an orphan" Adam said.
Benford twitched, his neck snapped back and fourth, "Any mishap caused shall result in an immediate arrest. If further conflict occurs after arrest, You shall be banished from Traxladore" And Benford folded back into a inconspicuous tree.
"What is that?" Billy looked back.
"Benford. Traxladore's very own cybernetic tree and its only entrance guard"
"It looked scary" Billy shivered.
"Hush. He is my friend" Adam said sternly. "Come, past this bridge and we'll reach the markets"
An endless stream rushed through the markets. Dividing by each rock, kiosk upon kiosk. little fish swam around their grumpy parents.
"Dad I want that dog!" Code shuffled. a single beep singled no running disappointment.
"Mom could I try on that dress?" Large eyes and small legs chirped.
"You got any news?" A large metal frame bent over the kiosk stall. A red bandana wrapped around its screwed in head. It eyed the human cashier who curled his lips.
"Bingo" Adam uttered. "Follow me boy. Ah Jafar!" "Blaine!" Loose screws and metal clanged. "Save the liqour for later Sqaul but I'll be back! Blaine who's this?"
Billy waved hesitantly, "Hello" "My newest pupil. Quite talented and capable well capable enough" Adam's laughter contagious.
"Come Blaine I'll share news about the map in the tavern. They just stocked new oil flavored beer!"
Chitter chatter spread from human tongue to automated responses. Weird circuitry noises came from robots while fellow humans were red nosed. Jafar and Adam walked and bumped past every drunkee. Billy watched eagerly as poker was played and darts were thrown. The waiter ginger haired and freckle faced shivered.
"Where's Johnny at?" Jafar leaned over the counter.
"The corner over their sir" Freckle face said. His posture stiff.
In an isolated den sat a wolf with golden fur. It sat cross legged dangling a sharp blade. From what Billy could see behind its massive hat was a wide grin.
"Johnny my man what's up?" Jafar bleated code.
"Jafar" Johnny looked up revealing emerald eyes. "These the guys?"
"Yeah man. Show em the map will ya?" He sat down egging Adam and Billy to do the same.
Johnny leaned across the table, "Listen I don't why you guys wanna go the core but it ain't my business. Where's my coins?"
Adam tossed a satchel, "One hundred as promised"
"Grazie" Johnny smiled at the sliver. Here's the map. Safest way from here to those mountains is through the quadrant four fort. Still dangerous but better than the others besides you got danger in your ugly eyes anyway" "Much obliged" Adam stood up so did Billy.
Johnny tossed a piece of paper, "If ya need a bodyguard here's my number"
"Rooms are upstairs don't forget the waiter" Jafar waved. "Johnny you try the new beer man? It's oil flavored!"
Freckle face loosened the knob and demonstrated the room. Cozy red covered the floor with relatively small mattresses. Forked flames whispered under its shed. Billy dropped his backpack and lunged on the mattresses. Adam found comfort in an old chair by the fireplace. Withered flames cast light on his map.
"Enjoy your stay" Freckle face closed the door.
Billy peered from the bed, "So what's it say?" "Were you not listening child?" Adam huffed. "Morning we travel to the fourth quadrant. From there alongside the mountainsides and we'll have reached Velkai"
"I've never been there before"
"Neither have I" "But your wizard surely you've been all the cool places in Velenheim?"
"I'm grey, boy. When I was a wee lad as you I would traverse continents but here. Never"
"You came here just to save the core? What about the food and parties?"
"I do not party"
"You eat though. Could we get Garlic bread for breakfast tomorrow? I'm sick of these moldy patches we've been having"
"They're nutritious but yes"
Amidst a sea of waves and steel air was light. Swirling rays of energy wrapped in a ball. The reason for Earth's survival nothing but a play toy for a god and an ant compared to the sun. His hands reached out towards the heat. Sweated drooled from his body despite his protective layers. Adam stood next to him. They had saved the world and now had to part ways. What would be the next adventure he wondered? What would he do without Adam when his usefulness was no longer useful?
Billy awoke in sweat, his pupils dilated. Adam held the barricaded door against harsh forces.
"Boy you must grab your serpent now!" Adam groaned.
Billy leaped to his backpack, quickly strapped and dawned his helmet. The serpent creeped its head. "Mr. Adam what's happening?"
"They're after us, use your serpent to barricade the door now!"
His head spun disallowing concentration, "I can't do it!"
"Concentrate Billy focus on your breathe and imagine" Adam said reassuringly. "You must"
With his eyes closed Billy let his mind externalize. The serpent flashed vivid lights. Hard steel crashed on the floor boards. He struggled pushing the metal to Adam's aid. Together they rammed steel against wood. With effort, Billy focused causing locks on the door to hook against the walls.
"Excellent" Adam quickly smiled. "Now to escape. Grab my hand"
Adam's serpent flashed. Within seconds a giant battering ram materialized. Adam pushed with his hands causing the ram to launch. The wall imploded with glass reflecting the pale moon. Adam slid his visor and jumped through the giant hole. Billy screamed until they landed on a rough stack of conjured mattresses.
"Hurry!" Adam took Billy's hand. Lifting him from comfort.
They sprinted through the town. Blood splattered across the ground. Screams echoed through the walls and alleyways. They turned at a crossroads and rushed through a fog of smoke.
"Keep your head down!" Adam yelled ducking.
Red dangled in the chaos. With a large sword, Jafar slit a throat.
"Jafar!" Adam called.
"Blaine?" Jafar looked. "You need to get out of here! Follow me, I know a safe route"
Billy tugged along briefly glimpsing at the slain. Blood bubbled through black leather. A weapon which looked like an axe and hammer laid in loose grip. Billy croaked.
"Left here!" Jafar darted hopping over a fence. Cries were heard inside the shed. Adam hopped aiding Billy. Sudden flurry of knives pierced the wooden walls. Billy tumbled into a haystack crushed under the weight of his carriage. Adam ran to assist him while Jafar gathered horses.
"Hurry now!" Jafar kept the reigns. Adam helped Billy and they galloped. They ducked as blades whirled past. A precise shot caused the collapse of Jafar's black steed. In an instant, Adam reached Jafar's hand pulling him up. Billy closed his eyes to the horror. Children were stripped down for parts. Humans cried blood except one. Freckle face ran through the opposite street. And Billy turned.
Adam looked back, "Billy darn it boy were are you going!"
Billy ducked reaching his hand out to the quivering boy, "Get on now!"
Manic blubbering annoyed Billy's ear canals. He almost regretted his decision. He turned left, stopped in shock the reversed. Left, right through an abandoned alley way ramming through two fighters. In the distance was the entrance gate with Jafar and Adam speeding towards it.
"Billy?" Adam shrieked, "Come boy come!"
The ground rumbled. A large presence overtook the town leaving the enemies paralyzed.
Jafar smirked as Adam laughed maniacally. Freckle face was still screaming. A massive tree with sunburned eyes broke through the city. Benford scooped and threw guard after guard. He looked back as Billy and the others rode away. Billy screamed as fire crawled up the tree. A flurry of flaming arrows pierced the bark. Benford toppled. Knells rang at the power of the crash.
Billy caught up, "We need to help Benford!" "He's gone boy!" Adam pained, "We can't save him"
"We have to get to the fourth quadrant!" Jafar cried, "There's reinforcements coming!"
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2021.10.23 13:35 destkroser Does Level matter when crafting Infused Leather Bag ?

I'm currently level 38 and i've done pretty much everthing that are required for crafting Infused Leather Bag which is the best bag in the game. Now will the bag be better if craft it when i am level 60 ? Does it make sense to craft it right now when im level 38 ?
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2021.10.23 13:35 Bubbly_Dragonfly Cristina Scabbia & Simone Simons

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2021.10.23 13:35 Late-Print8646 If forced, would you rather be 8 feet tall or 4 feet tall?

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